Teams and its revolutionary technology is set to create a whole new game-changer in 2018. Get ready for an unrivaled experience.


Imagine an improved business experience through AI that enhances productivity and streamlines communication.

Sounds futuristic? Microsoft's announcement brings this future closer than you might realize.

Microsoft Teams recently unveiled an AI Library which promises to revolutionize their experience of Team collaboration.

What's the goal? Teams Apps can be modified to enable developers to incorporate Large Language Models, like ChatGPT.

What this means for your business may seem confusing at first. In essence, an AI could assist with Team meetings.

The AI library is now being released, providing developers with code functionality that makes integrating LLMs easier in apps. Furthermore, using this AI library developers will find it simpler to create Bots, Message Extensions and Adaptive Cards which provide more engaging conversational experiences.

Microsoft promises that AI libraries will assist with the transition of Bots, Message Extensions and Adaptive Cards functionality into Teams.

Microsoft Copilot was introduced into Microsoft 365 back in March 2023 and can generate emails, compile reports and "rediscover the soul of working" according to Microsoft's definition. AI truly is amazing!

Let us not forget the newly unveiled AI tool which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate meeting notes, suggest actions to follow up on, and create timeline markers to quickly access relevant parts of an audio call.

Microsoft Teams's mission is to change how we interact with AI. Not only does this aim to simplify life, but also unlocking its potential to boost productivity and efficiency - we're so eagerly awaiting their AI library!

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