Cyber Crime and young employees: exploring various perspectives

temp-post-imageParticular care must be taken with cyber security training if your workforce comprises employees between 16-19.

New research demonstrates that many young people have accepted as normal online behaviors which are concerning. Unfortunately, many of these activities may be illegal.

This type of cybercrime does not involve ransomware or data theft.

One-third of 16-19 year-olds admit to digital piracy - such as downloading illegal movies or hacking an account online to harass someone - at some point during their life.

Most of these behaviors will not directly harm your business; some are so widespread that many young people consider them part of everyday life.

Do not allow your employees to bring any such material to work.

Software piracy and illegal downloads could result in serious security breaches at work.

Answer: Ensure all employees receive regular training on cyber security.

Security breaches and improper online conduct can have devastating repercussions for any business. Through training sessions designed specifically to combat such issues, organizations should:

  • Make sure that everyone understands how this type of activity can harm people and your business.

  • Be sure to inform your employees about potential scams that could impact their businesses and how they can assist in protecting everyone.

  • Engaging in such actions will have severe repercussions.

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