Trust can go a long way.

temp-post-imageMany employers mistakenly believe their employees cannot perform at their best without physically being present at work, yet managers can struggle with adapting to this new hybrid world. Unfortunately, this perception is far from being reality.

Research indicates that remote and hybrid work arrangements can often result in significant productivity gains; yet many organizations continue to impose office-only working policies.

Employers may feel unprepared to deal with the aftermath of recent years, and hope productivity will rebound after pandemic outbreak.

This could be seen as an antidote, since hybrid workers have demonstrated greater morale and creativity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Big Brother was never widely popular

Some companies have increased employee monitoring in an attempt to track performance. Unfortunately, this has had the opposite effect and led to decreased productivity, lack of trust, and demoralized team members.

Companies need to understand their performance and identify which metrics provide the greatest insight into productivity - all without making employees feel like cogs in an assembly line.

What's the answer to my dilemma?

Here are a few strategies for creating an efficient hybrid environment.

  • Encourage employees to select their ideal workstyles.

  • Measuring performance should not make people feel like they are constantly under scrutiny.

  • Automate tedious tasks and unleash the creative potential of your team.

  • Give everyone the tools and technology necessary to perform their jobs effectively, such as selecting suitable devices, collaboration tools and the best connectivity choices.All these areas can be covered.

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