Technology to Increase Conversions

Alec Baldwin's Glengarry Glen Ross salesman shouted out the advice, "Always be closing." Even today, this advice still rings true and can help your business to stay close.

Keep pace with sales trends when there are so many available technologies and options to consider. This article discusses a few such solutions and gives examples of how these can benefit your business.

Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRMs

Allows businesses to effectively manage customer relationships, track leads and personalize communications with their target audiences. They allow you to combine customer data and sales insights for greater understanding, as well as track sales efforts and deals more closely.

CRMs store all customer communications, preferences and purchases in one database. Personalizing customer experiences helps enhance the customer journey - when someone calls your team can quickly access data regarding them so as to understand more quickly their history and context.

Salesforce, HubSpot and Monday are popular CRMs among small businesses.

Email Automation

Automating email sending and audience segmentation tasks will free your marketing team of tedious, time-consuming work to more accurately target leads.

Marketing automation also allows companies to customize communications. New customers may receive a coupon welcoming them into the brand family; existing customers might receive something that acknowledges their continued patronage with thanks for loyalty messages or coupons.

Mailchimp, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign are popular marketing automation solutions.

Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS)

Selling doesn't need to happen only through physical registers anymore - chances are, you already have an online platform (such as Shopify ) where sales take place (i.e.

Make the sale at their booth while collecting digital signatures on a tablet device.

PayPal, Stripe and Square are popular tools that make transactions simple no matter your location.

AI and Chatbots: The Future of Virtual Assistants

Chatbots are an efficient way of providing customer service on the web in real time, responding instantly to frequently asked user queries or leading customers through purchasing processes in order to increase conversions.

Still, it's wise to be prepared for human intervention if necessary. A smooth transition to an actual representative can reduce customer frustration.

Consider AI alternatives like ChatBot, Zoho HubSpot or SnatchBot as ways to expand your AI options.

Booking Software

Save yourself time with powerful booking software that quickly locates available appointments. Automate scheduling, confirmations and follow up communications while streamlining communication processes for optimal efficiency.

Imagine owning a wellness centre. Customers could log in and view available slots before booking them, and the software would send out both a calendar invite and reminder that day to make sure they attend.

Microsoft Bookings, Calendly or HoneyBook are excellent scheduling tools.

Utilize technology to increase sales

To make the most out of these tools, it's essential that you identify which technologies meet your individual needs and integrate it with existing systems in order to streamline processes.

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