14 Tips to Help You De-clutter Your Digital Life in the New Year


Modern life is increasingly interwoven with digital technology. Our phones and devices are increasingly loaded with emails, documents, photos and apps - it can quickly become overwhelming! If this sounds familiar then check out how a professional organizer can help make life less daunting by managing an inbox full of info or apps!

Now is an excellent time to organize and declutter your digital environment as the New Year draws closer. By maintaining an efficient digital workspace, productivity will increase while stress is decreased. Here are some strategies for decluttering digital clutter.

1. Conduct a Digital Inventory

The first step to decluttering is taking stock of what digital assets you own; so create an inventory of all digital files, devices and accounts in your digital space. Having this knowledge helps decluttering.

2. Start with Your Most Used Digital Spaces

Decluttering doesn't need to be completed all at once; focus on decluttering those digital spaces you use most frequently such as email, cloud storage and social media first. Digital clutter may accumulate here which could compromise performance, wellbeing and health.

Focus on your primary devices. Start with laptop, smartphone and tablet; this way you will immediately feel the difference when decluttering them.

3. Organise Your Folders and Files

Organising files and folders is one of the easiest ways to declutter your space. Create a systematized file organization system; files should be categorize logically within clear folder names with color-coding to quickly identify certain subjects - making document search much simpler while simultaneously decreasing clutter levels.

Make sure to delete or archive files no longer needed and backup important data to a cloud or external drive for safe keeping.

4. Email Inbox Cleaning

Cluttered email inboxes can be stressful and distracting, particularly when filled with unread messages or unwanted ones. Cleaning them out regularly will make life much simpler.

To clear away clutter from your email inbox, consider:

Unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails you no longer read or need.

Filters or labels allow you to organize your emails by sender, subject matter and priority.

Archive or delete emails no longer relevant.

Create a label or folder for the current quarter, month, or year and store all emails there.

Keep your email signature up-to-date by including current details in it.

5. Social media cleaning can help keep your online presence tidier.

Social media offers us an invaluable way to connect with friends and family; however, it may become an additional source of digital clutter over time with too many posts, notifications, accounts or messages taking up space in our inboxes.

  • For cleaning out your social media accounts, here are a few strategies:

  • You can delete or deactivate accounts you no longer use.

  • Unfollow and muted accounts that do not add any real value to your life.

  • Unclutter your mailboxes of unwanted or spam messages.

  • Remove posts or images you no longer wish to keep.

  • Adjust your privacy settings and notifications according to your own individual needs and preferences.

6. Check Your Subscriptions

Reviewing your subscriptions is another effective way of decluttering your digital space. You may have signed up for services you no longer require or use; by cancelling any unnecessary ones such as streaming services, membership sites, cloud services or mobile apps.

Saving money through decluttering can be easy when your digital space is organized and clear of unnecessary files and clutter.

7. Review and delete unused applications

Auxiliary apps may clog your device up and drain its resources, so remove those you rarely use and only keep those essential for optimal device performance.

Security risks can arise from old, unused apps. They could become outdated if they go unused; to protect their security update all apps you own regularly.

8. Clean Your Desktop and Downloads Folder

Messy desktops and downloads folders can impede productivity, so clear off your workspace by moving files into their appropriate folders - creating an uninterrupted, distraction-free workspace which could speed up your computer!

9. Protect Your Digital Identity

Audit your online accounts. Update passwords as necessary and delete accounts no longer being used. Use an established password manager for added protection online.

10. Evaluate Your Digital Habits

Evaluate your digital habits. Limit time-wasting tasks, set social media limits, and focus on meaningful interactions online.

11. Schedule digital detox days

Set aside designated digital detox days. Unplug from screens and spend quality time with loved ones before engaging in physical activity - regular digital detoxes help promote mental wellbeing.

12. Simplifying notifications / Alerts

Too much notification can be both overwhelming and distracting, making you feel as if nothing gets accomplished. To alleviate this feeling of inaction and increase productivity, apps allow only essential alerts - eliminating distractions while improving focus.

13. Make an investment in digital tools

Utilize productivity apps and tools. Investing in productivity apps and tools will be beneficial.

14. Schedule Regular Maintenance Sessions Decluttering digital life doesn't need to be a one-off event - regular maintenance sessions will keep things tidy.

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