Are you eager to test new features first-hand? Don't be intimidated! Take the plunge! Don't hesitate! Don't hold back from taking a chance on new options.


Are you ever tempted by the promise of downloading and trying out a beta version of an application, eager to be the first person to experience its new features?

Be careful! WARNING!! You might want to reconsider some of the news you hear from the FBI.

Cyber criminals are using an ingenious trick to lure unaware victims into their lair. By placing malicious code within fake versions of popular applications, cybercriminals turn the mobiles of unsuspecting users into personal piggybanks.

Don't take us wrong; we share the enthusiasm for innovation shared by any group of tech enthusiasts. Beta versions may hold allure for some, but they haven't gone through the same stringent security checks as apps available in official app stores.

Criminals pose as developers of popular applications and offer early access to beta versions.

Once installed, these viruses can do an array of harmful things including accessing financial apps and even seizing control of mobile phones.

Could your business be exposed if employees download them to company devices?

Our tale contains an important lesson. Simply stated: Patience can be seen as an admirable virtue.

Wait until beta versions are stable and officially released in app stores before downloading them, waiting will ensure you receive only safe apps that have proven their worth over time. It is wiser to wait patiently.

Signs of beta versions include faster battery drain, poorer performance, pop-up ads that appear repeatedly or apps that require unnecessary permissions.

As we become increasingly digitalized, it is crucial that we become knowledgeable of all available tech. Before downloading an application or program, think carefully whether it warrants taking the risk involved.

Employ a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to ensure employees think in an identical fashion. Give business mobiles to employees? Use a MDM solution to control what can or cannot be done with them.

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