Find Business Balance on a Sliding Scale of Security

Everyday brings with it new updates regarding malware, data leakage and hacker exploits that require businesses to be on guard against. Although you are taking measures to secure your business and stay vigilant in protecting it from further attacks, more must be done. Security needs to balance with cost, usability and convenience for an optimal level of security - but sometimes this requires treading carefully on an uncertain path of compliance.

At one end of this scale is usability and convenience; at the other, security. To create user-friendly and effective solutions, the key lies in finding the ideal balance.

Tipping the Scale of Security

Another effective way to maximize protection is through extreme restrictions. Multi-factor authentication, strict access control and encryption with long and complex keys could all be implemented as measures that will improve protection. Although this could slow down workflows, these measures also make it harder for users to gain access to resources they require.

Consider also prioritising convenience and user friendliness when designing security measures. Lower-level security may include looser access controls or easier authentication measures that make accessing resources and performing tasks simpler; however, this could expose the system to unauthorised use.

Find the appropriate level of security for every system, application or situation is key to maintaining optimal operations.

Calculating Your Security Balance

Managed service providers (MSPs) can assist with finding an equilibrium between security requirements and usability, taking into account factors like:

Considerations should include data sensitivity; potential impact from an incident; user experience and risk mitigation strategies.
Regulations are a set of rules and regulations designed to meet specific needs. Such requirements will take your specific circumstances and requirements into account; for instance, medical facilities often prioritize security. Your business must adapt as technology changes and threats evolve - again your MSP partner is there to support.

Security Scale Levers

IT experts can assist in helping you achieve balance in terms of security. For instance:

  • Install anti-spam and antivirus software as a background solution.

  • Determine and control who can access what resources, and under what conditions.

  • Implement password managers to store complex, unique passwords.

  • Adjust the strength and type of encryption used to protect data at rest as well as data in transit.

  • monitor for security incidents promptly and respond quickly.

  • update software patches while taking into account system uptime and compatibility considerations

  • patch software when necessary without impacting uptime/compatibility

  • patch software updates whenever needed - this ensures maximum data protection at rest & transit!

  • Protect remote access by installing virtual private networks or other endpoint security;

  • create policies for data storage and backup, respond to security breaches and incidents quickly, and get expert assistance from our specialists.

  • Security and usability reviews should be an ongoing priority in your business, taking into account system requirements with potential risks and usability requirements.

We can assist with regular assessments and adjustments to ensure you remain at an optimum position as threats and technology continue to shift. Reach out now at (404) 932-5940 or email us at