How can you utilize the new MS Teams payment app?


Are You an Online Service Provider Offering Services via an App or Website? Do You Wonder How Your Clients Pay You Fast & Conveniently? - When offering online services as a small-business owner or freelancer, getting paid quickly and conveniently by your clients may seem impossible. You may have tried various payment platforms but may have become frustrated as switching apps or websites requires extra steps that take time and energy away from providing services to clients.

Microsoft recently unveiled another way to streamline payment. Their Team Payments app offers customers an easier way to request and accept payments - all within Microsoft Teams meetings!

Now available across Canada and the US, Microsoft 365 Business and Teams Essentials subscribers receive access to this new payment feature at no additional charge.

How Does the Teams Payment App Work?

Using the Teams Payments App couldn't be simpler! Simply download it from Microsoft AppStore, add it to your Teams account, and link up your payment system of choice (we offer several). You have various payment systems available:

Stripe, Paypal and GoDaddy provide apps to allow you to request payment from clients at Teams meetings. Once installed, these platforms allow for payment requests directly.

How can you submit a payment request?

You can easily send a request for payment by opening the meeting chat, selecting Payments icon in messaging extensions, and filling out a simple form with details like recipient, amount, currency and description of request.

You can send the same request to multiple people if desired; the app then generates a card detailing each payment's status.
A card will appear in the chat window of your customer meeting. To complete their payment, they can click Pay Now; this will redirect them to a payment service you have linked with your app where they can confirm and enter their payment information.

Once they complete payment, they'll see an update in chat that their payment was successfully processed and receive an email confirming its success.

The Teams Payment App can bring many advantages.

Small businesses and freelancers providing online services can utilize Teams Payments with great results; here are just a few:

Save yourself both time and effort.

Your customers can seamlessly pay you and request payment, all within teams meetings - making the experience more efficient and convenient for both parties involved.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customers appreciate how easy it is to pay you using Teams meetings, without needing to download an app or open an account; payments can be completed with just a few clicks right within the meeting itself.

Increase revenues and cash flows.

Teams Payments' application allows you to get paid faster and more safely than ever. No need for checks or invoices to clear. Once completed, money will arrive directly in either your PayPal or bank account within minutes.

Enhances your professional image.

Your customers should know that the platform you use is reliable and trustworthy if it was built by an industry leader with decades of experience in technology. In your payment request you can add seller's policies such as cancellation/term/condition/refund policy as a seller's policy statement - or add specific policies relevant to each of their payment requests here.

This program helps you keep an eye on all of your payments.

Financial success requires keeping on top of payments. With the Teams Payments App, you can monitor transactions in real time and receive instant notifications whenever your payment has been successful - keeping a detailed log of all your financial dealings.

Microsoft 365 can be easily integrated.

Microsoft 365 integrates seamlessly with the Teams Payments App, giving you full use of its ecosystem for communications, collaborations and payments management all in one convenient platform. No need to manage multiple logins or complicated setups! Everything is contained within one platform.

Productivity increases.

Productivity is all about efficiency. Integrating Payments into Teams allows you to decrease the time you spend on payments-related tasks, leading to an increase in efficiency that ultimately boosts productivity, freeing you up to focus on what matters: driving growth for your core business with your team.

The Teams Payments app marks a major advancement in digital business transactions. Leverage this powerful app to streamline payments. By doing so, payments become simpler.

Microsoft 365: We Can Help You Maximize It With the Teams Payments App.

Streamlining and streamlining payment processes can be easy. Save time, improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue all at the same time!

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