What is Microsoft Secure Score (MSS)?

temp-post-imageSecurity should always be a top priority, no matter the size or industry of your company. Microsoft 365 Defender's Secure Score measure reflects this importance - here is more on how Secure Score works and can benefit your business in this article.

Secure Score is a tool designed to assess your security posture. Microsoft Best Practices are used as benchmarks against which to compare your settings and activities, providing advice on how to strengthen security as well as pinpoint potential areas of weakness.

Administrators can view their current security score in the dashboard. It takes into account all Microsoft identities, apps and devices as well as having a target score; Microsoft warns you to balance user experience with security; the higher your target score is set, the more actions will be suggested by Microsoft.

Secure Score Recommendations

The Secure Score will show you how to enhance your security by comparing it with best practices. Secure Store provides current recommendations for improving:

Microsoft 365 comprises Exchange Online; Azure Active Directory; Microsoft Defender Endpoint Protection for Endpoints, Identity and Cloud Apps.
Microsoft Teams This score does not measure the likelihood of data or system breaches occurring; rather, it evaluates system configurations and user behaviors and rates any actions you take to reduce security risks in real time.

Microsoft not only lists security recommendations, but also monitors your plan's implementation progress. The Implementation section details prerequisites and provides step-by-step instructions to complete improvements. You can report on status (e.g. Implementation was successful or otherwise). Rank difficulty of implementation by user impact or complexity to better measure difficulty of implementation or complexity.

As your score improves, so will its value. To earn points you can:

Configuring recommended security features and conducting security-related activities. Addressing improvements using third-party software or apps or other mitigation solutions.

Microsoft Secure Score compares your metrics against those of similar organizations and makes the data anonymous, yet in the Metrics & Trends section you can track how it has changed over time.

Raising Your Secure Score

What steps can be taken immediately to increase your Secure Score? Three strategies to enhance security at your company.

if you suspect the credentials of your administrator accounts have been compromised. To prevent the use of stolen credentials, implement password expiration policies to limit their reuse.
Azure Active Directory allows you to more effectively track, log, alert and remediate sensitive data. Our IT experts can assist in understanding Secure Score as well as creating action plans based on recommendations. For assistance call us now on (404) 932-5940!