Do your younger employees experience tech-shame?

temp-post-imageGen Z and some Millennial employees may not possess the technological proficiency that employers would like to see; this causes employers to experience feelings of 'tech-shame'.

Young workers raised on Snapchat, TikTok and Minecraft may lack the necessary skillsets for transitioning successfully into an office setting.

Recent research has revealed that one out of every five employees between 18-29 years old feel judged when facing technical problems at work, as opposed to only 1 in 25 employees over 40.

As is often the case in workplace environments with remote workers or mixed roles, better training should be offered to all employees - not only newcomers. Gen Zers may have come of age during this pandemic and thus never worked outside a digital setting before now. This is especially pertinent if they work remotely.

Whole-team training can be an invaluable way to foster the confidence of younger employees.

Consider which tools and devices your team will be utilizing if working remotely.

Potentially, younger workers with limited funds to spend on home office equipment are less likely to express their discontent with it.

Maintaining close communication with employees - even when they're away from the office - can have a profound effect on productivity and engagement. Tackle any problems head-on for better business. You will quickly see results.

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