Are sensitive data hidden within employees' personal email accounts?


Your organization will grow over time, as will the amount of data sent daily to employees via email. Email is the lifeblood of your business: proposals, contracts, IP details and customer records may all pass through it - but are you fully in control of all this sensitive data?

Poor management of how employees access and manage work communications is one of the major weaknesses for many large companies. But why?

Although combining work and personal email may appear convenient, doing so presents serious risks to your business.

Transparency of Your Data Gmail does not permit IT departments to have a centralized view or administration over how business files are stored, transmitted, or accessed by shadow IT systems - meaning rogue email inboxes could contain vast quantities of confidential information that should remain hidden from view.

Security and Compliance Are Nonexistent

Without dedicated oversight, it can be impossible to effectively monitor vulnerabilities, backup mailboxes and adhere to industry regulations. Without it, sensitive data remains vulnerable to both human and machine attacks when personal accounts fall outside your security control; one audit may reveal noncompliance issues.

Imagine that one of your employee accounts were compromised. There would be nothing you could do to stop hackers from accessing vital files, communications and proprietary information stored there, placing operations, customer privacy and intellectual property at serious risk.

Legal disputes: you've lost control

In industries governed by stringent regulations, like finance or healthcare, it is vital that sensitive data is stored safely. Complying with such requirements becomes more challenging when emails are spread across accounts that you do not oversee.

Whenever your company becomes embroiled in litigation, personal emails may present additional complications. Legal discovery requests or public information requests cannot be completed when communication channels are outside your control - even if an employee uses his/her own account and you need access to its emails, that might not be legal for you to gain.

Employees could inadvertently or deliberately expose your trade secrets and intellectual property without proper oversight. Rogue mailboxes could also be used for targeted phishing campaigns to steal your work; loose accounts could continue leaking money even after employees have left.

Take Command: An Email Solution

With a centrally managed business email system, your organization can take full control and ownership over its most sensitive assets - like data, communications and trade secrets. This ensures long-term protection.

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