Explore with peace of mind: Microsoft Edge offers enhanced protection.


Browsing the internet can be dangerous; one malicious link could compromise all of your company's data.

Cyber criminals use automated tools to launch attacks against businesses, so it is vital that you remain on top of your online security.

We're thrilled to hear that Microsoft plans on rolling out an update for Edge that will enhance security for all users.

Addition and enhancement are two different strategies used to strengthen security systems.

Password Monitor can keep an eye out for potential password compromise, alerting you immediately should any such breach take place.

SmartScreen is another technology designed to safeguard you against phishing scams, malware and other forms of malicious software.

Also, URLs are analyzed for suspicious patterns that could indicate danger before visiting websites. Should anything suspicious appear before making your selection, an alert will be generated to alert you immediately.

Why are you concerned with these security updates and their availability?

An unsafe browser can expose you to numerous online threats. Cyber criminals constantly find new methods of exploiting software vulnerabilities; so it is crucial that you stay current on all the latest security measures.

No one enjoys dealing with the aftermath of a cyber breach, whether that means dealing with financial loss, identity theft or cleaning up its mess.

Reduce your chances of becoming a victim by choosing a secure browser like Edge.

Microsoft understands that not everyone is an expert in cyber security. That is why our tool makes it simple for anyone, with or without an IT degree, to remain secure online.

No need for configuration as the new security features have already been built-in and are intuitive. Surf the web freely!

Edge may be just what your Office 365 suite needs to optimize performance for your business, so contact us at (404) 932-5940 or email us if you want to optimize it further.