Windows 11: Optional update: For best results, wait before making this choice.

temp-post-imageMicrosoft announced a new way for people to test out Windows 11 features prior to their official release.

Security flaws don't appear out of nowhere - we all suffer them at the same time.

Businesses can get ahead of the competition and access new features first.

Are the new features exciting? Yes!
Are they worth the risk?
Not exactly. What would be your advice? Patience can be a virtue. Although new features may tempt us, any trial phase comes with risks attached that must be carefully considered before diving in head first.

Bugs, errors and other impediments to operations could have an enormous effect on your operations. They could cause havoc to your daily workflow.

Take advantage of other people's experiences by waiting until features have been thoroughly tried-and-tested before you try them yourself. By the time they reach you, these new features should already be reliable and polished; after all, having a reliable system is more important for smooth running of your business than anything else!

We can assure you that taking the conservative route when it comes to business systems is always best. Early adopters may experience benefits, but they don't need to act as test subjects themselves.

Keep this in mind... patience pays off! Good things come to those who wait!

Staying abreast of emerging technology and software can be rewarding, but sometimes it pays to exercise caution. Don't get lured in by flashy features that promise too much too soon.

Be Patient
Stay Safe

When the time comes to purchase something new, make sure that what you buy has already been tried and tested to work effectively.
Microsoft provides numerous features that are proven and approved to increase productivity and streamline work processes, and we spend much of our time helping companies discover which are the best for them. Reach out if we can assist in any way!