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Microsoft 365 is the most widely utilized cloud platform worldwide, boasting 345,000,000 paid seats. In Q3 2022 alone, the number of Microsoft cloud tools increased 32% compared to last year.

One of the primary reasons this service continues to expand is due to its extensive suite of cloud tools. There are over 20 applications available, in addition to Microsoft Office's core offering.

It's common for an app to go unused when there are so many available. These other tools may go overlooked by companies. Microsoft Forms is one of the most useful applications you can get with a Microsoft 365 subscription, and may go unutilized otherwise.

Microsoft Forms offers organizations the perfect way to conduct year-end customer surveys and evaluate change readiness. With its online survey-building and building tool capabilities, Forms provides numerous advantages for organizations. Plus, if you subscribe to Microsoft 365, Forms are already included at no extra charge!

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms makes survey creation, quizzing and forms easy with its drag-and-drop technology. Plus, you can send surveys via link so recipients can fill out your form online.

Once survey respondents complete it, the results are instantly available in the software. You can view them compiled and charted, plus export them into Excel for further analysis.

How to get started with forms:

1. Log in to your Microsoft account by visiting

2. From the top menu, select either "New Form" or "New Quiz."


3. Or, you can explore the templates included with Microsoft Office.


4. To add a new field to your form, click "Add New". You have many different field types available:

  • Choice (i.e., multiple-choice question)

  • Text

  • Rating

  • Date

  • Ranking

  • Likert (a scale which records attitudes/opinions on a topic)

  • Net Promoter Score(r), which measures probability from "not likely" to "extremely likely", helps companies gauge customer interest in products or services.

  • Section (separator, which may include a title or image)

5. Enter your questions.

6. Once complete, click "Send". You have several options for distributing the survey:

  • Link to a Web Form

  • Email

  • QR Code

  • Incorporate a Widget into Your Website

  • Link directly to this widget for instructions on using it.

  • Twitter or Facebook

7. See responses under the "Respondence tab"


Microsoft Forms: The Benefits

Microsoft 365 Subscriptions Include Microsoft Forms

With Microsoft 365 you already have access to Survey Monkey as a separate tool. So why not save some money by using Microsoft Forms instead? Simply sign in with your Microsoft account to use it!

Saves Time

Sending surveys via email takes a lot of time, as emails often bounce due to attachments. Furthermore, it is essential to collect all results as they come in.

MS Forms can save you a lot of time. No need to open any email attachments or download anything; just follow your link and have respondents fill out the online form. Once they've submitted their response, you will receive it instantly. Furthermore, using forms allows for collection of all answers in one place.

Receive Charted Results Automatically

Survey results can be quickly viewed in attractive graphs. If you wish to transfer the survey data onto another platform, Forms makes exporting to Excel effortless.

On the "Responses tab," you can hover over each result graph to view more specific data.


Microsoft Forms has a low learning curve, making it user-friendly and intuitive - anyone can get started quickly.

What are some ways Microsoft Forms can be leveraged?

Annual Customer Satisfaction Study

A web-based survey can increase customer response rates. Your satisfaction survey can be completed from any device.

Instantaneous results are possible. Chart the data to gain insight into your business' strengths and weaknesses.

Quiz on Employee Security Awareness

Utilize Forms to send a security awareness quiz to your employees. This quiz can easily be integrated into cybersecurity awareness training sessions, providing an average response time for each person.

Change Readiness Survey

Organizations are increasingly focusing on change management due to the rapid pace of technology-driven innovations. To increase user readiness for change adoption, use Forms. Send out a survey about change readiness to affected groups.

Register for an Event

Hosting an event? Gathering registration details is easy with Forms. Simply scan a QR code or share the link via social media!

Volunteer Registration Form

To sign up volunteers for your website, embed an MS Forms registration form. This platform automatically collects information about volunteer skills and talents so you can match them with your needs.


Check out some of our Forms templates for additional inspiration. Here are some examples:

  • Competitive Analysis Study Competitive analysis study Competitive analysis study Competitive analysis

  • Post-event feedback survey

  • Request for office facility

  • Survey on Employee Satisfaction

  • Product pricing survey

  • Request for food catering

  • Save the date

  • Course enrollment form

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