What is Microsoft Defender for Individuals?


Microsoft often refers to their business version of security apps in M365 when discussing this pandemic. The impact of the crisis has transformed how we view the workplace; now there are multiple connected "mini-offices" located in employee homes.

The outsourcing market has enabled a revolution in company networks. Many freelancers work the same hours as employees, which cuts overhead costs and taxes. 68% of large consumer product companies now outsource some or all of their workforce.

We believe that home security and network security have never been more critical. Employee devices located in homes around the world now have access to company data.

55% of employees work remotely from their own computers and software at home.

Microsoft was at the forefront of this major shift in workplace culture. Their most recent release serves as proof that their products have been tailored to meet new demands.

Microsoft's latest security offering is exclusive to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Users. On June 16, 2022, the company released Microsoft Defender For Individuals - a brand new digital home security tool.

Microsoft Defender Basics for Individuals

Microsoft Defender is a new app available to Microsoft 365 subscribers to download at no cost. Anyone with either a Personal or Family subscription can take advantage of this offer.

Microsoft stated the primary objective of Microsoft Defender: to protect small businesses' digital lives and those of their families. Many small companies will opt for consumer Microsoft 365 plans, as they are more cost-effective than business versions and thus often used by owners as personal usage.

This app consolidates multiple digital protections into a convenient dashboard. Here are some of them:

Online Security Visibility

Many families have multiple devices connected to their network, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. It may be difficult to determine which devices are at risk before an infected device installs itself.

Microsoft Defender gives you comprehensive visibility into your devices' security status, all in one place. You can check if Sally's new phone has antivirus enabled and add or remove devices with ease.

Device Safety

The app offers additional protections against online threats with features like anti-phishing and antivirus help.

Microsoft Defender can be used to scan all devices for new or existing threats, allowing you to control the scanning preferences. For example, marking certain apps safe will prevent Microsoft Defender from scanning them; conversely, telling Microsoft Defender which applications to scan will grant access to all files on a device.

Real-Time Alerts and Recommendations

Hackers employ AI and automation to launch attacks and spread them. It's often a race against time to contain the damage before it becomes much worse.

Microsoft Defender provides real-time alerts to help you recognize an issue quickly, and these also include recommended actions - so now you know exactly what to do if something seems amiss. With these tools, Microsoft Defender provides the speed necessary for quick action when needed.

What else should you know?

Here are some other essential details about Microsoft Defender for Individuals.

Where Can You Download it?

Microsoft Defender for Individuals can be downloaded from Microsoft here. In order to subscribe to either Personal or Family plans of Microsoft 365, you must already have a subscription.

Which Devices Can Benefit from Defender

Defender can be utilized to monitor and secure the following devices.

  • Windows 10 Version 19041.0 or Higher Required

  • Mac: Intel Macs with Catalina 10.15 or later and Apple silicon-based devices starting with 11.2.3 are supported.

  • iPhone: iOS 13.0 or later

  • Android OS 6.0 or higher

How many devices can be added?

Microsoft Defender allows you to monitor the security of multiple devices at home and at work. How many you can monitor depends on which M365 plan you have.

With Microsoft 365 Personal Plan, you can get protection for up to five devices simultaneously.

Microsoft 365 Family Plan offers protection for up to 30 devices at once (5 devices per person, 6 people in total).

What are the key distinctions between Family and Personal Plans?

Both plans offer access to many Microsoft Office applications, making them compatible with either. The primary distinction lies in how many people and devices can access Microsoft 365 services.

Microsoft 365 Personal: $69.99 USD per year for up to 5 users and devices

Microsoft 365 Family Plan: $99.99 USD annually for up to 6 people and 5 devices per user.

The Family plan is an excellent option for saving money if you sign up just two people. You can save even more if you have six users using the service.

What sets Microsoft Security on Windows apart from Microsoft Defender?

Most Windows users are familiar with the Microsoft Security app, which comes pre-installed. But Microsoft Defender stands out in several key ways from other applications.

Microsoft Defender:

Unfortunately, this software does not come pre-installed with Windows; instead, it must be downloaded separately.

  • This app is cross-device compatible, meaning it can be used across a variety of devices.

  • Additionally, it includes online security measures.

  • Additionally, this document includes security tips and alerts.

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