What is Copilot?


Imagine if your company had a personal assistant who is always available to answer questions, change settings on your devices, and can answer any question.

Microsoft's new AI chatbot Copilot may sound like a dream come true, but it is a reality.

Imagine you're very busy. You have a busy day of meetings and need to find information quickly or make a change on your device. What do you do when your day is packed with meetings? You need to quickly find information or change a setting on your device.

Ask Copilot instead of panicking and wasting your time.

Microsoft's AI assistant is now Copilot. What makes Copilot different from other AI assistants? It's integrated into Windows 11 and the Microsoft Edge web browser, allowing it to do more than ever before.

Have you ever tried to find an exact setting on your device, only to get lost in the sea of menus and settings? You can ask Copilot to make the change for you.

Copilot, however, is not part of Windows 11. Copilot is a feature that was cleverly disguised as a part of Windows 11 to make it look like an integral part.

A sidebar will appear on the right when you invoke Copilot. This interface is identical to Bing Chat’s web version. You can choose your preferred conversation style here and ask questions about virtually any subject. Copilot can help you with anything from "Make me a photo of a tropical island with palm trees", to "Create an itinerary for my March business trip."

What's the best part? Copilot is able to understand context. This means you can ask questions about the conversation without having to repeat specific keywords. It's just like talking to a real human.

Copilot can be used to find answers on any Microsoft Edge page. Ask Copilot to scan the content of the webpage you've opened in Microsoft Edge.

What's the catch, then? The preview version of Copilot that is included in the Windows 11 update 2023 does not reflect the final product Microsoft intends to release. They're constantly improving the interface, and adding new features to future updates.

It may still be finding its way, but its potential is undeniable.

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