What Can You Expect from iOS 17 Version?


Apple's iOS upgrades have long been eagerly anticipated by iPhone and iPad owners globally, eagerly awaiting what new features their devices will boast. iOS 17 will mark Apple's next major release; new features should debut this fall.

iOS 17 promises a more intuitive, seamless and seamless user interface. There will be significant updates to Messages as well as sharing between phones.

This article will outline some of the key features you can expect from Apple and explore all their latest innovations for users.

How Can You Instantaneously Access Transcripts Of Voicemails

With iOS 17 you'll have no more difficulty in knowing if a voicemail received during a Zoom Meeting is important - simply look at your screen when receiving it to see it pop up, no need for guessing games!


Have you had enough of that annoying picture someone saved in your contacts list or the image that comes up every time someone calls? Now you have control of how others see you when you call someone else! Create personalized contact posters and take control over how others view you when calling another individual or caller.

Apple recently unveiled personalized Contact Posters

That allow users to select how they appear when calling people with whom they shared it, including as photos or Memojis with colors and text added in as desired.

Leave an Audio or Video FaceTime Message

When calling someone via FaceTime who is unavailable, there are better alternatives than just leaving a missed call notification. FaceTime supports audio and video messages - similar to enhanced voicemail services - which you can leave instead.

Share an exciting visual that you have with them right then and there, even if they don't respond immediately; let them watch it later on their own time.

Apple TV & Reactions: Upcoming Enhancements to FaceTime Within days, FaceTime will soon have more expressive reactions so you can express yourself freely in different ways

Hearts, Balloons, Fireworks, Laser Beams and Rain: Path to a Brighter Future

AppleTV now allows you to receive FaceTime calls

So you can see loved ones even on large-screen TVs!

Stickers Are Coming!

iOS 17 brings us some exciting stickers. Messages is getting an upgrade in its sticker capabilities with new emoji stickers as well as Live Stickers that you can create from photos.

Stickers can be customized with special effects. A dedicated drawer will store them all.

AirDrop and NameDrop Make Sharing Simple

AirDrop and NameDrop provide easy ways for users to exchange photos, videos and files between devices quickly. Allowing for fast file transfer between phones in just seconds!

NameDrop is an easy and fun way to exchange contact details between two devices, such as iPhones or Apple Watches, by placing them close together and sharing music along with contact info.

NameDrop provides you with an easy way to share and promote your unique Contact Posters.

Who hasn't experienced frustration over autocorrect choices that make you look bad? Apple understands your pain and has introduced smarter autocorrection. This feature will receive an upgrade to their machine-learning language model, improving its ability to predict text and learn what was intended from you when typing.

Upgrades will also be made to the dictation system

Using an advanced speech recognition model for increased accuracy.

Apple wants your iPhone to be even more useful, which is why iOS 17 introduces StandBy Glanceable screen mode with full screen display of information.

Customize the display by choosing from among a range of useful views.

Clock styles adorned with your favorite photos; Widgets like Smart Stacks can also be included as options for customization.

Apple Inc. Credit for this image goes to Siri
Apple has recently added more mental health features to the Health App, giving users access to daily mood tracking as well as momentary emotions recording within it. This feature serves to show others what influences one's mood while providing access to depression and anxiety tests used by clinics.

Screen Time's Screen Distance

Feature can assist with digital eye strain by encouraging users to move their devices farther from their face; this happens if a device has been held closer than 12 inches for an extended period.


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