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Happy New Year!

Remember Microsoft Paint? The simple drawing app that allowed us to make beautiful pixelated works of art? I know, chances are it has fallen off your radar recently but let me suggest there may be good reason for revisiting this application in 2018.

Microsoft Paint gets a significant upgrade with Windows 11 thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Paint now supports Dall-E 3, or Cocreator as it is known in the app.

Does Cocreator Sound Familiar? No doubt you've encountered it on Bing AI; it is truly groundbreaking. More than simply image creation, Cocreator allows users to explain exactly what they are searching for by selecting art styles based on this description, then viewing images based on this request.

Cocreator was first released with Bing Chat (now Copilot) and instantly made waves as people used its image creation feature to their advantage. So what has the public thought? Let's just say its impact has been profound.

There have been some bumps along the way, but any initiative dealing with artificial intelligence should expect some bumps along its journey.

Windows Latest reports Cocreator in Paint will now be made available to all Windows 11 users.

No need to fret if you haven't seen the Cocreator yet; it will arrive shortly. Just ensure you are using the latest version of Paint and sign up for Microsoft's waiting list if they ask you.

Paint has recently been upgraded with the Cocreator feature, bringing transparency effects, layers (which was an often requested feature), background removal capabilities and transparency effects - improvements not limited to just Paint but Microsoft's Windows 11 core apps will also benefit from these upgrades.

Are You Thinking, "Well that is all fine and good, but what will this do for my Business?"

Imagine being able to quickly create customized graphics for reports, presentations or social media posts within seconds - imagine what time and money this could save! Imagine all the money and time savings!

Cocreator provides your team with an affordable solution to become graphic designers quickly. There's no need for expensive software or lengthy training; simply explain your requirements to AI and let it handle everything else!

Are you ready to give Windows 11 a try and kick off 2017 in style? Reach out if we can assist with its installation or any other technical matter in the coming year.

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