Pros & Cons of Using the Windows 365 Cloud PC

Though many companies have moved their workflows to the cloud, there remains an important piece of office operations that requires physical presence - employee computers being one example.

Many businesses still rely on laptops and desktops as their primary workstation, providing them with essential software applications.

Working from multiple places can present difficulties. If you must split time between home and the office, this could create major disruption.

Microsoft and many other technology companies have the answer: move your computer workstation into the cloud. This is what Microsoft is touting as their "next big thing" with Windows 365 Cloud PC.


Windows 365 can be used as a cloud-based computer, storing all files, settings and software on an online server rather than your device's hard disk. Access this interface through an online portal then load onto your device (desktop or tablet) automatically.

Microsoft's Windows 365 Cloud-Based PC

Windows 365, like other cloud-based services, requires a subscription plan. There are various levels available. Here are the current business plans:

$36/user/month: 2vCPU with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Monthly fee for 2vCPU with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage: $41. User can expect a cost per user of $41 each month.

$66 Per User Per Month (4vCPU, 16GB RAM, and 128 GB Storage)

Windows 365 is accessible from any device and anywhere. It works just like other cloud services, allowing you to download applications, customize your desktop, and do everything else that would normally be done on a PC - the only difference being that now your operating system resides in the cloud.

Windows 365 PROS

Access Your Computer From Anywhere.

With Microsoft 365, it's possible to access your "main computer" remotely and not have to carry it around with you.

Travelers may find this to be an advantage, since you won't have to worry about your laptop getting stolen, damaged, lost or stolen and potentially losing important data. Your files and PC are still secure in the cloud so that you can access them from any device.

Perfect For The Hybrid Work World

Hybrid work has become increasingly common, with more people working remotely since the pandemic. Companies are planning to maintain a balance between remote and office work going forward.

74% of US companies plan to implement a permanent hybrid model of work.

It is simple for employees to work remotely from their home or with the Windows 365 cloud-based computer.


When employees work remotely, it can be challenging for them to keep their devices up-to-date. What happens if an employee suddenly quits and leaves behind sensitive work data stored on a device at home?

Cloud PCs give businesses complete control over their PC assets and data. Employees can log in from anywhere, but the "computer" itself resides in a cloud environment so administrators can push security updates or restrict access as necessary.

Windows 365 Cons

No Internet Accessibilite

A major disadvantage of using a Windows cloud PC is that it must be done online. Without internet connection, you won't be able to access any data, files, or programs.

Although this might not be an issue for everyone, much of our work now relies on cloud applications.


Slow internet connections can be a real pain in the neck. Not only will this slow down any cloud app you try to access, but also the computer from which it is being accessed.

When working from a cloud-based computer, there may be instances of lag time which makes it difficult to focus.


Your only option in case of a cloud provider (e.g. Microsoft) being available 24/7. Even large corporations can experience outages from time to time and without access to your computer or any data stored there, you could find yourself without service at all.

Business continuity can be put at risk if you become too dependent on one cloud vendor. To reduce that likelihood, make sure all data in Windows 365 is backed up in a separate 3rd party backup solution.

Are you uncertain if a Cloud PC is the right fit for your business?

Windows 365 can offer many advantages to companies, and we are here if you need any assistance figuring things out. Contact us if you need advice - we are more than happy to assist!