Privacy alert: Change this setting now in Edge!


Microsoft Edge is our favorite program and we think you will too! However, something recently caught our eye that we wanted to share.

Be mindful of what your browser does behind-the-scenes. For instance, Microsoft may receive any images you view online.

Some business owners may be concerned about the privacy implications of this practice. You never know who may be viewing your browsing history.

If it bothers you, disabling a setting is easy and quick - here's how:

Click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge to access more options, then choose Settings from the drop-down list.
Scroll down and click "Privacy and search services." In the Privacy and Search Services window that appears, turn off the toggle next to "Improve Your Web Experience by Allowing Microsoft to Collect Data About Websites You Visit in Order to Improve Search Suggestions or Show you More Relevant Advertizing".

Edge offers many settings that enable you to control pop-ups, redirects and data collection.

Why should you spend some time reviewing your browser settings? Doing so can protect both your online privacy and security while helping you make more informed decisions by being aware of what actions your browser takes.

Exploring your browser settings can be both educational and enjoyable, leading you to discover features you never knew existed or hidden gems you never imagined would exist.

Microsoft has made their settings simple for anyone to understand and use, with helpful tips and clear explanations provided to make it accessible and user-friendly.

Our team would be more than happy to assist if you find yourself struggling, so reach out! We look forward to being of assistance, email us at or call (404) 932-5940.