Microsoft offers 5 Free Artificial Intelligence Courses


Have fun on your holidays! Now is the time to relax and unwind while looking ahead to 2024 and its AI opportunities. Why not make the most out of what few days you have off and use them effectively to prepare?

AI is expanding at an astonishing rate, revolutionizing industries and altering business processes worldwide. According to PwC estimates, artificial intelligence could add $15 trillion worth to global economies worldwide.

Microsoft provides five AI courses you can utilize during your vacation.

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Begin here: this course will introduce the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Regardless of your technical background, by the end of this course you'll understand what AI is and its advantages for business.

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What Is Generative AI? Once you have mastered the fundamentals, delve into the world of generative artificial intelligence (GAI). This course will introduce GAI's fundamentals, such as what it is, its workings, different models and future predictions; also discover how generative AI is used to generate new ideas and content that opens up exciting opportunities for innovation and creativity within your business.

Visit LinkedIn Learning for more on what constitutes Generative AI:

Generative AI - the Emergence of Mindful Online Search

This course explores the differences between traditional search engine strategies and AI-powered reasoning systems, giving you a better grasp of these concepts while using AI to enhance online search efficiency for greater business effectiveness.

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Microsoft Bing Chat: Simplifying Your Work with Bing Chat

Chatbots have revolutionized how businesses interact with customers. This course will give you an understanding of their power, as well as how best to utilize them. AI-powered bots can help streamline customer service, automate repetitive tasks and enhance the user experience - all features essential components of success for any successful business.

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Ethics at an Age of Generative AI

This course also discusses an integral element of AI: ethics. When selecting products and tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it's crucial to take ethical considerations into account and this course can assist with navigating those complex ethical questions to ensure your AI usage aligns with your values and principles.

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Take advantage of these free courses that will help you to remain competitive, increase efficiency, build customer trust and discover new opportunities.

Relax and make the most of these next few days. Spending your time mindfully is an excellent investment that will pay dividends once Christmas and New Year are behind us, when the days become blurry between celebrations.

What are you still waiting for... The turkey?

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