Microsoft and Samsung Join Forces to enhance security on mobile phones


Your mind quickly registers this fact - after searching your pockets, bag, and under your pillows you realize your phone was left at a coffee shop!

Are You Worried about Losing Your Device and its Contents? No. What worries you is how your business data might get compromised should someone find their way onto someone else's phone.

Microsoft and Samsung are joining forces to help make mobile devices safer for businesses, launching an innovative solution this month designed to protect those using Samsung Galaxy phones in the office.

How Can This Be Done On-device Attestation allows companies to check whether mobile phones have been compromised even at their most basic components - think of it like having your own security guard!

Microsoft provides endpoint management expertise while Samsung brings its software and hardware innovation.

Other tools for device attestation require access to both network and cloud services; this solution, however, works regardless of whether or not your device has either.

Microsoft Intune, formerly Windows Intune, will soon be made available alongside Samsung Knox devices as a unified service to manage both corporate devices (BYOD) and personal devices (Bring Your Own device). Furthermore, Samsung Knox devices may provide additional protections.

No matter where you work - an office, bustling coffee shop or remote cabin - you can trust your device will remain safe.

Your mobile phone is much more than a mere communication tool; it also serves as an indispensable safe for sensitive (and valuable!) information. Microsoft and Samsung are taking measures to make this vault much more secure.

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