Implementing smart IT purchases with an MSP

temp-post-imageBusiness technology solutions are plentiful. But selecting the ideal one can be challenging due to all the options available - this article provides helpful advice for making smart IT purchases.

These common factors could derail your smart IT purchase in 2023.

  • Many small and medium business owners lack technical knowledge. If purchasing decisions are solely determined by budget, this could result in tech that doesn't meet your requirements. Attractive marketing or charismatic salespeople may draw customers in; but technical knowledge should never be taken as granted!

  • Buyers tend to remain loyal to one brand or supplier. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best solution.

  • Even well-meaning buyers can make costly technology mistakes. A new system may not integrate well with your current hardware and software, making productivity harder for employees instead of increasing it. You could waste money buying products you don't want or overpaying for something perfect that costs too much.

How to make smart tech purchases

When it comes to buying technology, there are numerous strategies you can employ for optimal results.

Establish your Requirements

It takes more than just thinking "I need X to do this or that" in order to establish requirements. Take an inventory of existing technologies to see if any already meet them; also determine any compatibilities needed before purchasing new technology.

Speak to your employees

What changes would they suggest making to the technology that's being replaced? Since your purchases will likely be used by all staff on a daily basis, making unilateral purchasing decisions without consulting staff could lead to unhelpful and frustrating IT systems that hinder employee productivity.

Think Long Term

Avoid getting caught up in salespeople or marketing that offers flashy gadgets; while it may tempt us, having the latest fad may not be best for our businesses today or tomorrow.

Overselling technology could put your IT budget in jeopardy. Avoid purchasing something you will have to replace soon after purchase, as that will require starting over again if that solution doesn't meet both today's and tomorrow's needs. Select a solution which meets both objectives at once.

What happens if I buy tech wrong?

Navigating through this process alone could take considerable time if your IT skills are limited, time that would otherwise be spent growing your business or increasing revenue. Simplify this process by teaming with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We can assess your existing setup to identify any requirements, then leverage our vendor relationships and experience to source smart tech at competitive prices for you. Reach out today by calling (404) 932-5940 or email