Do you really need it all? Cybersecurity: Understanding the Need for Comprehensive Cybersecurity


As a business owner, your primary goal should be reducing expenses while supporting growth. Naturally, you may question if all the cybersecurity solutions recommended by your managed service provider are truly necessary.

At first, it may seem excessive for a small business, but cybercriminals present a serious threat no matter their size.

Bots are constantly scanning the web in search of vulnerable points, looking for any unprotected system belonging to either a Fortune 500 firm or smaller businesses that is open for attack.

Not all business leaders believe digital defenses are necessary if their organization owns valuable intellectual property or sensitive customer data.

Simple information combined with other data sources can draw hackers in. Hackers could exploit publically available details about your infrastructure and operations to launch phishing attacks or devise other forms of attacks on them.

Cybercriminals may use small businesses as an entryway into larger organizations through existing clients and vendors.

Once criminals gain entry to your network, they can use ransomware or steal credentials and financial data for use elsewhere. Even if you believe your network is well protected against intrusions, each one could cause irreparable harm to its reputation and credibility.

Security experts suggest taking a multi-layered approach to network protection, similar to an onion peel. Safeguards with overlap work together to strengthen perimeter defenses of your network.

Avoiding a comprehensive security solution provides hackers with an opportunity to exploit unmonitored vulnerabilities.

Individual security tools, like antivirus software, firewalls and backups are not enough; together these elements make up a comprehensive plan for protection that supports and strengthens each other.

Cyberattacks can be avoided, and their potential financial and reputational ramifications far outweigh any cost incurred from overly complex operations.

By working with a managed service provider, you can develop and administer an individual security program without worrying about all the details yourself. Don't put your life in jeopardy when help can be found by calling someone.

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