Be wary of Facebook ads that seem too good to be true.

temp-post-imageHave you been browsing your Facebook feed when an advertisement promising to expand your business using artificial intelligence-powered software suddenly appears? Have you been fooled? We all have been!

Doesn't that sound enticing? You click without even giving it much thought.


Cyber criminals are creating Facebook ads promising to improve productivity and income; when clicked upon they contain hidden dangers that require further action before success can be achieved.

They are tricking you into installing malware (malicious computer software) instead of what was requested of you.

Criminals could access your Facebook data and advertising budget from the computer containing it.

Your initial instinct may be to dismiss such an obvious scam as plausible. But think again! Who would fall for such a simple ploy?

As any small-business owner knows, it can be easy to fall for hackers' elaborate scams when trying to manage multiple aspects of a company simultaneously. They know exactly how to disguise malware with legitimate-appearing offers that seem too good to be true.

How can you remain safe online? Be wary of offers which seem too good-to-be true as these could be scams. Before clicking ads, check their authenticity by searching the advertiser online.

Above all else, it is imperative that you take measures to secure your Facebook account. Two-factor authentication can help safeguard it; simply use another device to confirm who is signing into Facebook.

Cyber criminals may be unwitting but infallible; researchers who discovered this scheme found that its malicious script contained several Vietnamese words.

Cyber security should never be underestimated; though running a company may present challenges when adding an extra ball into the mix.

Imagine this: it would be better if you invested some of your time now into safeguarding your account rather than spending later dealing with its aftermath.

Prevention is always best. Be vigilant and protected the hard work you have put into creating what you have accomplished - reach out if we can be of any assistance at (404) 932-5940 or