AI now can make team meetings more productive.


Tired of spending your precious time sitting through meetings only to come away feeling disorganized?

Are you struggling to keep track of all of the actions items and tasks associated with meetings that follow-up on these items?

Microsoft Teams recently unveiled a feature that can assist with problem resolution and increase productivity.

Meeting Recap is available exclusively to Teams Premium Subscribers and uses AI technology to produce comprehensive summaries of meetings.

Say goodbye to lengthy recaps... and hello to accurate summaries which highlight the main points of your meeting.

Meeting Recap goes further. This feature not only recaps your meeting but assigns follow-up tasks and sets deadlines automatically to team members who were present during it - increasing communication and collaboration across your team!

Not all meeting recaps need to be efficient; you can customize your meeting recap to meet your own specific needs by including only relevant and useful information in its summary. This ensures you receive accurate and useful data.

Are there any advantages of investing in this feature if I'm not an existing Team Premium Subscriber?

Yes! Automation improves your workflow and saves both time and money.

No more needing to spend hours reading through meeting notes or action items - you will receive a concise and clear summary that you can refer back to at any time.

Accounting also improves accountability and organization within your team, with everyone understanding exactly what their responsibilities are with regards to set deadlines and action items.

This Meeting Recap tool can be an invaluable asset to businesses looking to increase productivity.

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