7 Apps that Will Enhance Customer Experience in 2023


Paying attention to customer experience will directly affect your bottom line. Companies that prioritize customer experience are 60% more profitable than those who aren't, as customers expect more from businesses they do business with in today's digital age. Companies who prioritize customer experience will see greater returns on their investments.

People can now order online and have it delivered directly to their homes the next day. To stay ahead of the technology curve, you need to utilize the appropriate tools.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your customer experience, as 2023 draws closer. Cloud technology makes it possible to enhance customer satisfaction without spending a lot of money. All you have to do is install these applications that focus on making customers and leads happy.

1. Online Survey Application

An annual customer satisfaction survey can be an effective tool for customers to provide feedback. Successful businesses utilize this feedback to enhance their operations.

These surveys can be completed using a Word document attached to an email. To make things simpler for both you and your customers, consider using an online survey application.

Many online survey tools are available, one of which is included with Microsoft 365. These surveys let users complete them from any device and send them back as an attachment.

On the receiving end, there is no lengthy data collection process. Simply open the form survey tool to quickly view your results.


2. Smart Chat Bot

Businesses typically set limits on how long employees can answer customer inquiries. Generally, customer service hours coincide with business hours; staff may become overburdened and answers may take longer to be sent back.

A chatbot can significantly boost customer satisfaction by offering them an immediate reply and being accessible 24/7. This ensures customers get their questions answered promptly and accurately every single time of the day or night.

68% customers prefer chatbots for their quick answers to questions. Although they cannot answer all queries, chatbots can handle many. On average, chatbots answer 75-90% of banking and healthcare queries.

3. Business Mobile App

Today's people rely heavily on their smartphones. They take them with them everywhere, making them the go-to for connecting with businesses and data. In fact, mobile searches on Google now outpace desktop searches in popularity.

Consider creating a mobile app for your business. A customer-facing application that enables customers to place orders, access customer support information and make virtual calls can all be beneficial.

4. Facebook Messenger Support

Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded iOS app, connecting you with friends, family, and companies through a secure Facebook connection. With this handy tool, it's never been easier for people to stay in touch!

Messenger is widely used by businesses to stay in touch with customers and provide customer support. Customers will appreciate it more if your company utilizes an app that's popular in this way, since answering questions quickly through Messenger increases customer satisfaction levels.

5. VoIP Phone System with an Effective Mobile App

It can be confusing when customers have to remember multiple numbers for your staff members. Do they call their sales rep at their desk number or on their cell phone? The entire process can be simplified when using a VoIP phone system.

Employees can share a single number with anyone, whether they're at work, home or elsewhere. It is essential that the VoIP service provides a mobile app so it's user-friendly for employees. Employees can utilize their smartphone to answer customer calls instead of having to revert back to using their personal number.

6. Text Notification Apps

Many businesses are turning to SMS for communication. Companies such as Shoe Carnival and World Market offer customers the option to opt-in for text messaging service, which can be an excellent way to receive shipping notifications, coupons, and sale alerts.

You have many online tools at your disposal for this task. Your customers will enjoy receiving text updates, which you can use to remind them about appointments, sales announcements and shipping alerts.

7. All-inclusive CRM & Sales Platform

Customers often experience frustration due to a lack of communication between support and sales teams. They may have spoken with a salesperson about customizing an order, only to discover that customer service doesn't have any insight into it. An All-in-One CRM & Sales Platform
Customers don't always get what they want when it comes to order fulfillment if there's no communication between departments.

An all-inclusive CRM/Sales Platform is an ideal way to streamline information flow. These cloud services offer both CRM and sales modules that can be connected together. Each customer has a single record so all customer notes can be viewed together, and both sides have access to all customer interactions.

Customer satisfaction and the chance of getting a bad deal are greatly enhanced when everyone works together in harmony. Not only that, but efficiency and productivity also increase as everyone works toward the same goal.

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