What are the most useful VoIP features for small businesses?


VoIP was a relatively new type of business phone system that wasn't widely adopted until five to six years ago, though it had already become commonplace. Thanks to the pandemic though, internet-based phone systems are no longer just an optional extra; they've become essential components for business continuity planning.

VoIP and videoconferencing have seen a dramatic spike in usage during the pandemic, due primarily to the rise of hybrid offices and remote work. Sixty-seven per cent of companies surveyed believe VoIP improves call handling.

Business phone systems are no longer limited to one physical location, enabling companies with employees spread across multiple sites to manage operations more effectively.

VoIP drastically cuts business expenses. VoIP systems are usually cheaper than their landline-based counterparts, and calling plans tend to be more cost-effective as well. Companies can also add new numbers at very low costs.

VoIP provides many beneficial features for small businesses, though owners may not have the time or resources to enable all available capabilities.

Which features are most effective for increasing efficiency, productivity, caller satisfaction and customer satisfaction?

These are the top advantages of cloud-based business telephone systems that you can take advantage of.

Automated Attendant

Small businesses often have many tasks on their plates. Automated attendants can help free up time for you and provide better service to callers.

An auto-attendant is a directory of company employees. It will route your calls to the appropriate department or staff member, with you having the option to record a friendly greeting and ask some questions. For instance, press 1 for sales inquiries, 2 for technical support inquiries, etc.

By calling twice, a caller doesn't have to explain why they're calling twice; instead, they will reach the right person: one to the person answering the phone and another to whom they have been transferred.

Follow Me/Find Me

Which feature in VoIP do you find most useful? According to 77% employees surveyed, it's the Find Me/Follow Me functionality. With this function, staff can utilize a virtual number that is accessible from any device and transfer calls between devices with ease.

You can receive your calls regardless of where you are - on your phone, at a conference, or working on the computer. This feature reduces friction and allows users to share one number that can be reached via phone, mobile, or home office.

Play Music

It may seem inconsequential to play relaxing music when your callers are busy, but it can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction and lead generation.

A study on silence versus hold music revealed some shocking statistics. Researchers kept people on hold for one minute in the experiment, and these were the results:

  • Stay Silent: More than 50% of callers chose not to speak.

  • Enjoy music while waiting: Only 13% of callers left their calls unanswered

Of those who didn't hang up, 45% believed they had been on hold for between 3 and 5 minutes, while 56% thought it was only one minute while listening to music.

You can quickly realize the advantages of activating one feature within your VoIP system. You might notice happier customers and fewer leads who hang up before reaching anyone.

Voicemail Transcription to Email

After a meeting, it can be challenging to go through all the voicemails left behind. In order to determine who should be called next, listen carefully to each recorded message.

Voicemail to email is a VoIP service that enables you to record voicemails and have them sent directly to your inbox. With Transcription available, it's simple to quickly scan through emails and rank callbacks by scanning their text content - there's no need to listen to each message individually.

Ring Groups

For small groups, ring groups can be an invaluable feature. This allows multiple numbers to ring simultaneously until someone picks up.

Ring groups enable staff members to help callers instead of them having to leave a message. They can be set up for customer service teams, accounting teams or sales teams.

Call Reporting

VoIP phones provide more convenience than analog, as you can get real-time reporting of your busiest times. Do you need additional staff members or are you fed up with calls not being answered promptly enough? VoIP can provide the perfect solution!

Call reporting offers invaluable insight into these and many more. These reports can be customized and automated if desired, ensuring you see them regularly.

Local Support

Though not a system feature, local support is an essential one. Without it, if you sign up for VoIP service from an international company that's located halfway around the world, you won't have access to local assistance.

It is essential to have someone available in your office who can assist with setting up VoIP desk phones, optimizing ring groups, and other services. Your business phone system is one of your most critical pieces of technology; therefore, having local support ensures it functions optimally.

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