Upgrade Your Business with Microsoft Intune Suite


Over the past two decades, endpoint management has undergone tremendous change. Companies used to keep all their endpoints together at one central location which made managing them simpler but limited flexibility and mobility.

Today's offices can be found almost anywhere around the globe; remote teams can be accessed from any device imaginable. People tend to rely heavily on mobile phones and tablets for various tasks like checking email and managing tasks.

60% of enterprise endpoints are mobile, and it is estimated that mobile devices account for 80% of work performed today. What this means in terms of security? Clearly an endpoint management solution must now be in place.

Microsoft Intune Suite may be of particular interest, as it unifies various aspects of endpoint management on one platform.

Upgrade Your System - Is It Worth it? Learn the ins and outs of cloud-based management solutions with us.

What Is Microsoft Intune Suite?

First and foremost, Microsoft Intune allows you to manage all the apps and devices used by your company from one convenient place - be they PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets. Intune can assist regardless of where employees may be accessing information or apps from.

What does this upgrade represent? Microsoft has been actively working on expanding Intune and has included numerous new features in this version.

Microsoft Intune's key features include:

  • Cross-platform endpoint management

  • Endpoint security features have been integrated into Endpoint devices from their creation.

  • Management of mobile applications

  • Endpoint Analysis

  • Microsoft Configuration Management.

Compare Your Subscription Options NowWith Intune

Microsoft Intune Plan 1 : Microsoft Intune's core capabilities can be found within various subscription plans of 365 (E3, E5, F1, F3, Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 & E5, and Business Premium plans).

Microsoft Intune Plan 2 : An add-on for Microsoft Intune Plan 1, providing advanced endpoint management features.

Microsoft Intune Suite: Add-on for Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Includes:

Plan 2 is equipped with Microsoft Intune Remote Help.

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Security Management.

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management

Control of Specialized Devices

Opt for Microsoft Intune Advanced Endpoint Analytics features.

Are You Wondering Why Subscription Pays Off

Thinking of upgrading or subscribing to the suite? Let's consider some key factors before making our decision and assess its advantages compared to upgrading. Subscribing has its advantages!

We understand how challenging device management can be, which is why Intune Suite gives you an integrated dashboard to simplify it all and provide full control over all of your devices.

Create and enforce security policies. If necessary, remotely wipe data if required. Compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems - so compatibility issues won't be an issue!

Secure Helpdesk Support

Increase employee productivity by offering them help whenever they require it. Intune Suite includes Microsoft Intune Remote Help, which makes delivering secure assistance easier at any time of day or night.

The platform is designed to support a Zero Trust Security Model and allow for quick responses to problems; no matter where you are in the world, your team can manage employee device issues quickly.

Cyber attacks and data breaches pose serious threats for businesses of all sizes. Intune's advanced security features will give your team peace of mind by offering robust encryption and secure controls for access, plus quarantining potentially risky devices.

Are You Required to Comply with Regs or Handle Sensitive Data? Intune's auditing and reporting features will assist with meeting compliance obligations.

App Management Made Simple

Intune understands that applications are the cornerstone of modern businesses. You can accomplish a great deal with its app management tools by easily deploying, updating and retiring applications across devices.

Intune can keep everyone on track and organized. No matter whether your organization uses Microsoft 365 or another software program, Intune keeps everyone aligned.

Bring Your Own Device policies

Are becoming increasingly prevalent within corporate environments. Intune is an invaluable solution if your organization allows BYOD, providing a way for employees to separate personal and corporate data on devices used by employees - helping ensure sensitive company information remains safe.

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management is part of the Intune Suite and provides users with a lightweight VPN solution for connecting personal iOS and Android mobile devices to corporate resources securely - no device registration necessary - quickly allowing employees to gain access when needed to company resources quickly.

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Your tech requirements will grow as your business does. Intune is designed to scale easily as new devices or users join, and works on a subscription model so you only pay for what you use - no upfront costs; only monthly fees.

What Should Be Considered

All these reasons for considering Microsoft Intune Suite are compelling enough, so let's also discuss some potential drawbacks that should be kept in mind when making this decision.

Learning Curve

A common worry among businesses is the learning curve can be steep. While your team might take some time getting used to Intune if they have been using another solution before, we provide training and support necessary for an effortless shift experience.

Do You Rely On Legacy Systems Or Servers On Premises Or Depend Heavily On Legacy Applications

Does your organization rely heavily on legacy systems, servers on premises, or legacy applications for critical functions? Integrating Intune into your current set-up could require extra work. Before embarking on this endeavor it is vitally important that an assessment be performed on both existing infrastructure and needs prior to embarking on implementation of Intune.

Manage Endpoints Accurately to Enhance Security & Operations

Making the move to Microsoft Intune Suite can be transformative for your business, so it is vital that you assess all of your needs carefully prior to making an informed decision that complies with your goals and objectives. We can assist in making sure your decision meets this standard.

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