Tips for Increasing Home Security Setups Are you looking to make your home security setup safer? Here are some helpful hints.


The global home security market is growing rapidly. Experts forecast a 20.1% compound annual growth rate from 2026-2026, in addition to an expected 21.6% rise between 2021 and 2022.

These solutions include Ring doorbell cameras and whole-home security systems. It has never been simpler to monitor your front door remotely with cloud-based video streams that enable homeowners to view every corner of their property.

Sharing photos of your doorbell cameras on social media groups in the community can provide added assurance at an affordable cost. These home security systems provide peace of mind at a great value.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of setting up your system. Neglecting to take preventive measures when it comes to home security cameras could leave your family vulnerable to potential dangers. People often become so eager to explore all that their new devices offer that they neglect considering device security.

Horror stories online exist about cameras that have been compromised, with strangers sending disturbing information to children through those devices.

In 2019, Ring experienced a data breach which exposed personal information for over 3,000 users, including passwords and usernames.

These events should never cause you to second guess the need for security at home. Take these steps instead:

These are the steps you need to take in order to safeguard your home.

You must ensure your router is secure

IP security cameras can be accessed remotely through the internet, and as such, your router must be held responsible for all commands and footage sent to the system. Therefore, take all steps necessary to keep your router securely locked away.

Hackers frequently target routers to gain access to devices on the network. WPA2 is currently the best security protocol for routers, while WPA3 follows. These protocols safeguard data sent over wireless connections by sending it encrypted.

To ensure the security of a router, it should be given a strong password of at least 12 characters. Software can easily crack passwords with 8 standard characters; on the other hand, 34,000 years are required to crack a 12-character password that includes at least one uppercase letter, number or symbol.

Change Your Default Password and Username

A strong password is essential for the administrator account of any security system. Furthermore, you should change your default username and device as hackers can easily access lists of these settings to break into systems using them.

Change the default password and username on your device as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a tight spot when connecting to the internet.

Verify the security system utilizes SSL/TLS or another form of encryption

Your cameras' footage should never be sent to anyone for anyone to view. Therefore, make sure the security system you select has SSL/TLS or another standard form of encryption.

Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security provide data encryption so data cannot be intercepted or accessed. Without encryption, hackers can easily breach into your device.

Keep Your Software Updated

Enable the automatic update feature in your security system. Many users neglect updating their software, leaving their systems more vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Updates often contain security fixes to address vulnerabilities, so it's essential that they are installed promptly. Automating this process is the best bet for speedy installation of essential updates.

Consider Access Levels for Multiple Users

Are there multiple family members who can access your cloud-based security system? Set up access levels if there are multiple users wishing to utilize the device - not everyone needs to be an administrator.

Hackers love to gain access to admin users in order to alter settings or gain more rights. To reduce risk, grant lower-level privileges such as "view only" to family members with reduced rights and the capacity for more damage.

Secure Camera Features

Your system likely comes with many security options. Many manufacturers do not enable all security settings automatically; you must manually turn them on or off as desired.

If you are uncertain about which settings to use for your home security system, we are more than happy to assist you. Many home security systems provide generous sharing options which could potentially provide hackers with an opening. Therefore, these should be restricted as much as possible.

You must ensure your mobile device is secure
Many people access their security camera through smartphones. Make sure the device is properly secured and its operating system up-to-date; a device with weak security measures could allow hackers to gain access to your security system.

You can also add:

  • Anti-malware for mobile devices

  • DNS filtering

  • Screen lock

  • Automated updating

Do you need help protecting your cloud security system?

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