Time to Ditch Traditional Passwords


Have you ever imagined a world in which people no longer needed to remember long and complex passwords?

We may be closer than we think to meeting our final fateful deadline.

Google recently implemented Passkeys as its default login method across all accounts within its network, signaling an important shift in online security.

Are You Wondering: What Is A Passkey?

Internet security has taken an exciting leap forward with this development. As an employer with employees, you must pay special attention.

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What Is Passkeys?

Imagine being able to access your account using just a four digit PIN number or biometric information such as fingerprint or face recognition - that is precisely what Passkey does.

Not so simple after all?
Don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity - this new technology decreases your risk of having your credentials stolen or your account taken over by cyber-criminals.

How Does Passkeys Work?

Passkeys make creating and using passwords simple! Visit Google's official Passkeys site, enter your PIN or biometrics (such as fingerprints or facial features), and link your smartphone.

macOS Ventura should also be installed on both your Mac and Windows 10 computer systems, while on your phone you should be running Android 9 and iOS 16.

This tech is only compatible with Microsoft Edge, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

What are the Advantages of Passkeys?

Google reports that 64% of its users find Passkeys more efficient than traditional login methods.

Passkeys are both easier and safer, while being 40% quicker for login purposes than regular passwords.

What Comes Next?

With Google's announcement that Passkeys would become the default method of sign-in, only just started. They are already working with certain partners to implement this new login on Chrome and Android platforms - it already appears on Uber, eBay and WhatsApp apps!

Consider what Passkeys could bring to your business and ponder their benefits carefully - Google may soon make this feature available for business accounts as well.

If Passkeys aren't yet in your plans, you have an out. Simply visit the Sign-in Options page and uncheck "Skip password when possible".

Simply try it out for yourself and experience its convenience and safety for yourself! Should any inquiries arise, feel free to reach out - don't hesitate! We welcome any and all enquiries.

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