Should I Consider Switching to Microsoft’s Edge Browser? (Top Features)


Our internet browser is one of the most essential programs we use, especially when working from a mobile device or computer since many applications reside in the cloud and must be accessed through your browser.

Browsers evolve over time. Internet Explorer used to be the go-to choice, but Google's Chrome has since cemented itself as the undisputed leader.

However, just because a browser is the number one today does not guarantee it will stay there forever. Microsoft Edge has seen steady growth since 2015 and continues to add more users daily.

Edge was long seen as the successor to Internet Explorer, but now it seems that Edge is making a mark.

Microsoft Edge has recently overtaken Firefox in desktop browser market share and is now the #3 worldwide, behind Chrome or Safari. At just 0.6% behind Safari, Edge could easily overtake them for second place. Current desktop browser market share:

*Chrome 64.8%

* Safari 9.77%

* Edge 9.6%

* Firefox 9.46%

* Opera 2.88%

* Internet Explorer 1.14%

Why has Edge's popularity grown over the years? It was slow at first, but in 2020 it adopted Chromium framework - identical to Chrome's background framework.

This drastically enhanced browser speed and the number of extensions and addons compatible with it.

Why choose Edge? Ultimately, the decision is yours - but here are some great features to take into account when making your selection.

Every browser utilizes bookmarks or favorites to store web links. Unfortunately, these lists can become disorganized and lengthy, making it difficult for you to locate what you need quickly.

Edge offers the Collections feature. This allows you to save web pages to a sidebar and organize them by topic. For instance, creating a topic like Vacation Planning would store all your trip research pages together in one convenient place.

To quickly recognize an image, click it. Additionally, the "+" icon located at the top right corner of your browser window allows for quick access to collections.

After using collections, you can delete them so that there are no more endless links to webpages like bookmarks.



Edge automatically adds a coupon app to your browser, enabling you to take advantage of site coupons.

You will be alerted if there are coupons available on the site you shop on.


Searching manually saves you time, and ensures you don't miss any discounts.


Edge offers customers the most competitive prices online by comparing pricing information and displaying historical pricing data. They will notify you if a product you are viewing is more expensive on another website.


You can view the price history for this product to determine whether it is currently at its lowest or highest price on the site.

Saving money can be a great way to maximize your purchasing power, and ordering the same item from different retailers may result in savings you wouldn't otherwise experience.


Utilize several security features built-into the system to safeguard yourself against phishing sites that contain malicious software and intrusive third party tracking trackers. These measures will help keep you protected at all times.

Password monitoring software will notify you if the passwords that you store have been compromised.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen protection will also be included to keep you secure from malicious sites or phishing scams.

Google has been criticised for its lack of privacy. Microsoft is working to rectify this, offering three tracking prevention settings in Edge to protect your personal data from being collected by advertisers.



With Microsoft Edge, it is simple to take screenshots and mark them for later. Simply choose Web Capture from the browser menu and drag a rectangle across the screen or take an entire shot. If you want to add notes, bring the image into a new window for editing.


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