Seven Exciting Announcements of Apps at Microsoft Ignite2022


Microsoft Intensify is an annual event that brings you exciting announcements and updates from across the Microsoft world.

Microsoft's most recent conference took place last October, and you may have missed some highlights due to the holiday rush. We are now bringing them back into your awareness.

Microsoft Teams was widely acclaimed at the event. Microsoft now refers to Teams as "the application at the center" of Microsoft 365, and it's easy to see why; over 280 million people utilize this virtual workspace - especially considering Microsoft has released over 450 new features in just the last year alone!

Below, we'll review some Teams features and other Microsoft App announcements made by Ignite that may give you some ideas to enhance your digital workflow.

Microsoft has recently unveiled Team Premium

An AI-infused addition to their platform. This service provides several AI-driven features that give the illusion that you are your own personal meeting assistant.

The app automatically creates chapters from a Teams meeting. You can also create personalized highlights, so you won't have to replay the same meeting again later on.

If you are having a meeting abroad, real-time translation of captions is available. Furthermore, the new meeting guides offer customizable options so that everyone can have an optimal experience.

SmartVision 60 Is The First 360-Degree Intelligent Camera For Teams Meetings

SmartVision 60 is the world's first intelligent 360-degree camera, capable of tracking speakers as they move and introducing people recognition soon to its feature set.

SmartVision 60 can make virtual meetings seem more real than they actually are by allowing everyone in the room to see each other's videos as they move around it.

Cisco Products Fans Will Be Pleased to Learn That Microsoft Has Announced Cisco as a Certified Partner for Teams Rooms

Fans of Cisco products can rejoice to know there are now more choices. Microsoft recently announced that Cisco has become an official partner in Teams Room, meaning all certified Cisco meeting devices are now accessible to start your Teams meetings with ease.

Microsoft Places

Microsoft places is one of the virtual workspace apps designed to support the new hybrid workspace trend. This app integrates with other components within Microsoft 365's ecosystem for seamless operation.

Though the office is still around, how long will it stay that way? During the pandemic, many around the world had no choice but to work virtually - an arrangement both employees and businesses found more pleasant. 74% of US businesses have or plan to implement a permanent hybrid model of work in future.

Microsoft Places is another way Microsoft is leading the hybrid office revolution. The app's features include:

  • Track and manage employee work locations, both from home and the office.

  • Keep track of whether coworkers are absent or available.

  • To help make strategic decisions and monitor room usage, keep track of physical rooms.

Outlook & Teams Introduce Hours & Location Feature

Hours and location are two features associated with hybrid working, added to Outlook and Teams to make it simpler for people to book meetings in person. This new addition makes scheduling meetings in the real world much smoother for everyone involved.

When planning meetings in person with people at work and those who work remotely, it can be tricky to know their availability. Not knowing will lead to alienating those individuals if you don't check first and if they are planning to work remotely that day, they won't feel satisfied with your lack of contact.

People can now specify their work location with the new hours and locations feature. This flexible setting can be adjusted from hour to hour, taking away some of the guesswork from scheduling.

Microsoft Announces Loop App Private Preview

Microsoft recently unveiled their innovative Loop app. As expected, Loop has entered private preview mode, providing organizations with the chance to test it out before going live.

Loop is a collaboration workspace app that enables teams to brainstorm in an online environment. To stay current, all data from Microsoft 365 applications is automatically synced.

Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editor

Windows may have shown you an unfamiliar app at the Ignite conference. Microsoft Clipchamp is a straightforward and fast video editor for Windows computers that was officially unveiled during this event.

Did you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to repair a video that is broken? Clipchamp may be the ideal tool for you; its learning curve appears to be relatively low.

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