Relieve yourself of anxiety about "file too big to send." The file size limit issue has now passed.

temp-post-imageHave you ever attempted to attach a large file to an urgent email only to be met with the frustration of receiving "file too big to send?" messages?

Frustrating? Certainly!
Microsoft must have heard our collective sighs of frustration as they've announced an update that should finally solve our "file too large" woes.

Here's one of those rare instances when something that seems too good to be true is, in fact, true!

Microsoft announced in an official post regarding their 365 roadmap that it plans to integrate Outlook with OneDrive, its cloud storage service.

Once your attachment size limit in Outlook has been exceeded, OneDrive will prompt you to upload it so it reaches its intended recipient.

Your logic must surely amaze you?

Android users will see this new feature first. Everyone else should expect it this month; we only have a short wait!

Soon, Microsoft is creating the path toward an email experience that's smoother and more efficient for everyone. No longer will you have to compress, resize or abandon large files; third-party services could even present security risks; these steps are all part of making email experiences smoother and more efficient for all of us.

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