How can a second monitor increase productivity? It may be more than you think!

Jon Peddie Research has long studied the productivity benefits of two screens connected to a laptop or desktop computer, finding an average improvement in productivity for employees across all jobs of 42%.

Over 15 years, there has been an exponential increase in two monitors with a compound annual rate of 10%.

The company motto encapsulated their philosophy: "The clearer you see, the greater the possibilities."

What are the Advantages of Adding a 2ND SCREEN?

Do More in Less Time

A second monitor offers you the greatest advantage: being able to accomplish more in less time. No longer do you need to struggle to reach windows when they're needed - getting things done efficiently takes only seconds!

On one monitor, you can keep email open at all times while working in another program on the other. This makes working faster and provides access to all of your applications whenever necessary.


Laptops are ideal for mobility, especially when you're on the go or need to commute between work and home (as many employees do these days). Their smaller screen size makes them more portable.

Laptops typically only feature a smaller monitor, making them difficult to position properly on a desk or tabletop. Even when people try placing them properly on a desk, their eyes remain fixed on the screen.

Making the experience even better by connecting your laptop to a monitor. Either mirror your entire screen, or use the larger display for other activities.


Many tasks necessitate viewing data in two windows. Editing and comparing a final design to its original instructions may involve this task. You might also need to take notes and incorporate them into a PowerPoint presentation for added efficiency.

Trying to have two windows open simultaneously on one screen can be challenging. While you may be able to resize windows for the desired effect, any settings will be lost when clicking a menu item and maximising the screen for selection.

Two monitors provide you with enough screen real estate to open both windows fully and situate them next to one another for efficient work.


Have you ever screen-shared on a video conference and needed to review an email or take notes? It can be challenging doing this when everyone can see your screen. That is why our screens are usually cleaned (e.g., by turning off notifications). Before entering a meeting, we "sanitize" our screens to ensure nothing is missed out on.

Dual screens give you the option to pick which screen to share in meetings and keep applications open on the other. This can be especially handy if you need to send someone an email or check your phone while sharing your screen.


A second monitor is an inexpensive investment in technology - on average, monitors cost between $125 and $250. Furthermore, studies have found that adding a second display has high ROI with an average 42% productivity boost.

Upgrading to a second monitor is simple. Just connect it to your computer and set the extra screen as the default display, and you can drag-and-drop apps and documents onto one screen as if you had two!

How Can You Increase Productivity?

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