Microsoft plans on charging you for updates.


Microsoft announced they will stop offering free security and support updates for Windows 10 starting October 14th 2025.

Let's consider the big picture here: Microsoft is expected to release Windows 12 by 2025; by then, Windows 10 will have been out for 10 years and Windows 11 should already be available.

Even an industry giant like Microsoft can find it challenging to support multiple older operating systems.

Though it may seem far away, you should begin considering your options today. Here are a few:

Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 11 as it offers some fantastic features and will continue receiving free updates until its end-of-life.

Option 2: Remain with Windows 10, at an expense.

Windows 10 remains accessible, though security updates will cost money (though no additional features). While we don't yet know exactly how much it will cost per month subscription plan is likely.

Option 3: Continue using Windows 10 without updating it

Your business computers could become vulnerable to security threats and other issues without regular updates from Microsoft; even experts like us cannot count on it for support, so please avoid choosing this option.

No time constraint here: you have until October 2025 to make your choice. But, if you want your business to thrive this year, upgrading to Windows 11 sooner rather than later could make life easier for both you and your team members.

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