Here are 11 effective solutions to responsibly dispose of electronic waste in your home or office.


Electronic devices are indispensable in our technology-driven society, but what happens to old gadgets when they become outdated and no longer can be upgraded? Over time they tend to accumulate, taking up valuable storage space; you cannot simply throw them out as improper disposal can pose serious environmental hazards.

Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to electronic devices no longer in use or desired by their original owners, including such things as:

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E-waste contains potentially toxic materials like lead, mercury, Cadmium and brominated Flame Retardants - materials which if improperly disposed can pose risks both to the environment and human health.

Over 70% of toxic waste consists of electronic waste; only 12.5% can be recycled.

What can you do at home or the office to dispose of electronic waste safely and responsibly? Here are a few ideas.

1. E-Waste: What Is It?

E-waste encompasses electronic devices like old computers, phones and printers as well as batteries, chargers and cables that must be responsibly disposed of. Being aware of what comprises E-waste can help ensure its proper disposal.

People are generally unaware of the full scope and nature of e-waste, which explains why so much of it ends up in landfills - which is detrimental to both us and the planet.

2. Minimize E-Waste

Next, work to reduce your electronic waste production. Do this by only purchasing what is necessary - durable products with energy-efficiency features should do best here - as well as maintaining and repairing devices to extend their lifespans.

Before purchasing, ask yourself if the purchase is truly necessary. Can the tablet be shared between multiple people in a home or office setting, for instance? Some individuals may not require another device.

3. Explore Recycling Programs

A number of electronics manufacturers and retailers provide recycling programs. Research local options; retailers often collect old gadgets for recycling - this eco-friendly option makes the program convenient and eco-friendly!

Here are two great stores: Best Buy and Staples

4. Utilize E-Waste Recycling Centers

E-Waste recycling centers specialize in safely disposing of electronic devices, by recovering valuable components for reuse while disposing of hazardous waste responsibly. Find an authorized eWaste recycling facility in your area for proper disposal of e-waste.

Below are a few websites where you can locate recycling centers:

Earth911 and Call2Recycle offer more eco-friendly gadgets that you can recycle.

5. Consider Donating or Purchasing Working Devices

Give old devices that still function the chance for another life by donating or selling them on reliable online platforms - giving old gadgets new purpose while helping reduce electronic waste! Donate or Buy Working Devices (for Less): A Way Forward

Make sure that any old devices you own are cleaned thoroughly prior to giving anyone access to them, lest they gain entry to sensitive information like online bank apps and family photos. Read on to discover how best to do this.

6. Safely dispose of batteries

Rechargeable batteries contain hazardous substances and should be properly recycled through various retail stores and recycling centers. Separate the batteries from other electronic waste for optimal handling.

7. Take Advantage of Manufacturer Take Back Programs

Many electronic manufacturers offer take-back programs. When purchasing new items, inquire about their disposal programs as many will accept back your old gadgets and recycle or refurbish them responsibly.

8. Choose Recyclers Certified with E-Stewards/R2 (when Reusing E-Waste Services)

It is essential when choosing recycling services to select certified recyclers such as R2 or E-Stewards to ensure high environmental standards are being met during recycling processes as well as data security protocols being in place.

9. You Can Educate Your Office or Household

Education is key. Informing your family or office of the importance of responsible e-waste disposal methods will encourage everyone to get involved and use proper disposal methods.

10. Repurpose or Upcycle

Be creative when upcycling old electronics. From turning an old computer screen into a digital picture frame to using smartphone parts to craft DIY projects, upcycling old electronics is a fantastic way to reduce waste while adding some flair and originality into the world.

11. Promote Manufacturer Responsibility

Reward companies that take environmental stewardship seriously by selecting products from those committed to responsible e-waste disposal and sustainable practices.

Be sure to wipe all data before disposing, selling or donating your device as this could open you up to cybercrime - criminals have been known to target old electronic devices found lying around dumps containing sensitive data - so take steps to protect your own identity by wiping all traces of data prior to disposal or donation.

Use reliable data erasure software and seek advice from an IT specialist to safely erase old gadgets before disposing of them. Data security should always be top priority when disposing of old gadgets.

Help with cleaning and reinstalling devices is available from experts. Before disposing of devices, all data should be backed up and deleted - we offer data migrations from one device to the other and data cleansing to remove unwanted information.

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