Google Calendar is an invaluable tool for hybrid workers.

temp-post-imageGoogle recently unveiled a productivity update.

Google Calendar just got an upgrade with a feature designed to make life simpler if you work as an hybrid worker.

In 2021, they introduced the option for employees to share their location of work with coworkers - going one step further now!

Google now makes it easy to set multiple locations on any given day of your calendar, whether you divide your time between home and the office or you work remotely from different places.

Imagine only being at work for half-day before having to attend an important client meeting; with this new feature, your colleagues can be kept aware of where and when you are.

Google aims to help us work smarter rather than harder, knowing that many of us still juggle both office-based tasks as well as remote work from home or hybrid arrangements. With this update being created specifically for hybrid workers.

Only those with an existing Workspace Account, such as:

Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus and Enterprise Standard/Plus plans provide standard/plus features. Education Fundamentals/Standard/Plus plans provide services for teaching and learning enhancement for non-profits; personal accounts will not have access to this site just yet.

By default, the working location feature is enabled. If you would rather remain hidden from colleagues (we all get distracted at work!), however, simply disable it to stay anonymous.

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