Follow These Steps Immediately If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked


Netflix is an immensely popular streaming service with 231 millions subscribers worldwide and has continued its exponential growth over nearly 10 years.

Many now rely on streaming platforms for daily entertainment. Simply log on with their device, watch their favorite shows, and log off!

Netflix accounts are vulnerable to hacking just like any online service; when relying solely on username/password security measures to safeguard them there's always the risk that hackers could gain entry.

Your reaction when discovering that your account has been hacked could be shocking and disorienting; not knowing what action should be taken could cause panic and hasten its destruction - this could be disastrously dangerous!

If you suspect someone has broken into your Netflix account, we will discuss the tactics hackers typically employ when trying to take control.

What are the common components of a Netflix hack?

Hackers typically employ phishing overload techniques in such breaches. Fake emails impersonating brands such as Netflix are sent regularly; one popular scam involves sending an email which reads, "There has been suspicious activity in your account". Along with that message will come an infected link that looks just like Netflix's normal login page and contains login details to gain entry. These tactics have long been employed by hackers to obtain user login details and gain entry.

Dark web websites sell Netflix accounts for as little as $12.

Hackers exploit this habit of people not responding to emails by hoping you will ignore warnings from Netflix about an unusual login (ie ignoring warnings that could harm them).

At first, they do nothing to block you out; instead they wait until several more emails come your way before taking action and trying to take over.

Hacking accounts can take many forms. Here's an example of an attack against Netflix:

  • An account owner receives notification by email of an unusual login from another country.

  • Log into your Netflix account and check if any devices are currently logged in; hackers often disconnect after logging out, leading you to think there is nothing amiss and dismiss the notice as being part of an attempted phishing scheme.

  • Within any month, this scenario could play out multiple times.

  • Once a hacker notices that a user has disregarded Netflix's warnings, he or she will strike.

  • Add their credit card in order to contact Netflix and provide an easier method of verifying their account.

  • Your subscription plan could be upgraded to a higher tier.

  • They will also replace your username on your account with numbers (1, 2, 3 etc).

  • As soon as an account changes hands, its owner should typically receive an email notifying them that its details have changed; such as an updated email address, password, or phone number.

  • Hacker attempts to block account owner.

What Are My Steps If My Netflix Account Has Been Hacked?

1. Access Netflix through Their Official Website.

If you suspect an account has been compromised, visit Netflix directly in your browser rather than clicking links that have come through SMS, Direct Messaging (DM), or emails.

Verify whether or not you can still log in using your password. If the hacker did not lock you out completely, then logging in may still be possible; if so, proceed directly to Step 4. Otherwise call Netflix Support immediately for assistance.

2. Alter Your Password Promptly.

As soon as you are able to log in, immediately alter your password using at least 10-12 character passwords that include numbers, letters and symbols - and use only long ones!

If your original password has been compromised, create a different one from scratch - without using any part from the old one when creating it.

3. Remove Any Unusual Payment Methods

If you still have access to your account, head to the Payment Methods section immediately and delete any unusual payment methods if any are detected. Hackers often add another card into an account in order to use it with Netflix support for verification purposes.

Remove any payment method you don't recognize from your Netflix account. If you remove your payment card, another means of verification will need to be found; make a call before taking this step!

4. Reach Out To Netflix Support.

Every experience may differ; some customers who have experienced hacks have given Netflix accolades for its quick and helpful responses.

If you are having difficulties accessing Netflix, contact their Support immediately as it may have been compromised by hackers or compromised subscription information has been altered by them.

Tell the representative that you believe you have been compromised, and they will guide you through the steps necessary to undo what has been done by hackers.

5. Monitor Your Bank Statements

Always monitor your bank statement closely after any account hack to spot any unexpected charges that appear there. This step should also help identify any malicious activities invading the account.

6. Change passwords on all other accounts that use the same Netflix account.

It is common practice for individuals to utilize similar or nearly similar passwords across multiple accounts; as soon as your Netflix account was compromised, change its password on any and all related accounts that use its login details.

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