Experience the Latest Technology at CES 2023


Each January, an elite group of global innovators gathers at the start of a new year to present and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held typically in Las Vegas.

This year, over 3,200 international exhibitors unveiled their futuristic visions. We got an exclusive look into what might soon be in our homes, kitchens and offices - from both crazy to practical innovations designed to stretch technology use and push boundaries. This show offered us a glimpse into what could potentially become part of everyday life in our homes, offices and beyond!

People love gadgets, so it's always exciting to check out the newest offerings at CES. Estimates indicate global smart home household penetration is currently 14.2% and forecasts predict it will double to 28.8% by 2027.

What were the most impressive gadgets showcased at this year's Consumer Electronics Show? Here are a few standouts you should check out.

Loona – Intelligent Petbot

Are you a pet enthusiast but don't enjoy the responsibility of owning one? Don't worry if you don't live near one - Loona could be the solution! This intelligent robot has been touted by its developer as "the most intelligent petbot," with funding currently available through Kickstarter campaign.


Loona the motorized pet is sure to make you smile with its cute motorized capabilities. Not only can you walk, sneeze and scratch it, but Loona will follow you around too - just like a real cat or dog would! She even performs some dance moves, beatboxing and posing for photos - something not many pets are capable of!

Ring Car Cam

Amazon already sells another consumer IoT device showcased at CES: the Ring Car Cam, taking the popular doorbell camera concept on-the-go.

This internet-connected cam features two cameras for recording images while driving or in the car, as well as two-way communication with family members back home. It also has motion detection and real time motion alerts to keep you safe on the road.

AtmosGear Electronic Skates

If you're feeling adventurous, AtmosGear recently unveiled their electric inline skates at CES 2018. According to the company, these skates will be shipping out in May 2023.

Skates can reach speeds of 25 km/H (15.5 MPH), and they charge fully in just an hour. All-roller boots can be attached to the "skate," a motorized frame, for maximum mobility.

Tilt Five Augmented Reality Eyeglasses

Have you been waiting for augmented reality (AR) glasses that connect to a computer? Tilt Five has finally made this possible with their AR glasses that can be used for board and video games alike.

Are you ready to bring holographic life and color to your tabletop games? This system includes both glasses as well as a boardgame that look similar to safety glasses. They both work together to bring AR elements into the real world.


Jabra Enhance(tm) Plus

If you have hearing loss, this earbud/hearing aid combo can be invaluable. Jabra enhance Plus earbuds offer a three-in-one experience: music listening, phone calls and enhanced hearing amplification.

These devices are both small and discreet, yet easy to use. Plus, they boast the latest technology for superior audio clarity.

Hasbro Selfie Series Figures

Do You Dream of Becoming Your Own Action Hero? Hasbro's Selfie Series Figures Have Got You Covered
Wanting to be your own action hero is easier than ever with Hasbro's Selfie Series figures! Just upload a photo onto your phone camera and choose from several franchise-based figures using just that one device's camera!

These universes will enable you to carve a figure out of yourself:

  • G.I. Joe

  • Ghostbusters

  • Power Rangers

  • Marvel

  • Star Wars

To customize your new digital figure using Habro's app on your smartphone, just download it and wait for delivery - easy!

Twinkly Squares

Twinkly Squares create the illusion of a Lite-Bright doll when placed against any wall. Automated and colored lights can be added to any wall with these squares, perfect for decorating your home office or adding color to any room.

These IoT gadgets can be programmed and controlled by you. You can create digital artworks, make them sync with music, or take advantage of their voice feature.

Are you in search of more screen space for your laptop? Does using a second screen that is larger than your laptop's cause an uneven feeling?

Xebec's Tri-Screen2 could be the perfect solution to these problems.

This gadget allows you to extend your laptop's screen on both sides. It hides behind the display, expanding it left and right.

Never allow smart technology into your home without adequate security measures in place.

Home and electronic gadgets hold tremendous potential for amazing convenience, but they may also pose security risks to your network. We at Pros can help. Contact us to arrange a home security audit today!