Everything You Should Know About Microsoft Viva Sales


Salespeople often struggle with data entry. Administrative tasks take away valuable time from customer interactions and reduce productivity levels, yet this data is essential for their work.

Recording customer orders, quotes and needs is essential for sales managers. Lead and sales reporting can assist them in knowing where to focus their efforts. Analytics also enable deals to be closed more quickly.

Microsoft has accepted this challenge and is about to unveil a brand-new digital experience for their sales team, Microsoft Viva Sales. These applications form part of Microsoft's "Viva" line and provide staff wellbeing solutions like Viva Insights and Viva Learning; as well as staff development opportunities.

Viva apps are fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, offering automation that streamlines mundane tasks while increasing engagement.

Viva Sales has been described as a "CRM-helper" app. Here we'll address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding its features and when it can be downloaded.

What is Microsoft Viva Sales?

Vivid Sales provides sales and lead insight through an app called Viva Sales, which can be found in Microsoft Teams and Office 365. The goal of this app is to reduce manual entry, giving sellers more time for selling.

How does Viva Sales work? Is it a CRM?

No, Viva Sales won't replace your current CRM platform. It connects to other sales-related applications and uses data from them in order to provide information that salespeople require for their work. This makes obtaining prospect data much simpler for sales reps.

Administrative tasks occupy approximately 34% of salespeople's time.

Viva Sales Essentials

Viva Sales offers many core advantages, such as:

  • Remove Forms: Sales professionals can save a considerable amount of time entering data. This frees them up to build more customer relationships.

  • Powerful Data Utilization: Viva Sales integrates with multiple platforms, such as CRMs and non-Microsoft software applications, so salespeople can cross-reference data points and derive valuable insights.

  • AI-Driven Assistance: Salespeople receive AI-powered reminders and suggestions to help them close deals faster. These prompts also help salespeople stay organized by providing useful data points about leads they're prospecting on.

Microsoft Viva Sales Offers Interconnected Interface

Microsoft Viva Sales provides sales-specific insights across different M365 applications. Salespeople can view all customer details, no matter where they reside - in Outlook Calendar or non-Microsoft CRM systems.


Vivera Sales Features

Tag to Capture Sales Interactions

Tagging, also known as using someone's "@name," is a common software integration used in many cloud-based applications and Microsoft 365.

Salespeople have access to the powerful tagging function in Microsoft 365. This can be used for collecting information related to prospects or customers from an M365 application, so you can add someone to a customer list by adding their Viva Sales number as a tag. The system will store context about this lead or customer.


Viva Sales makes it effortless to collaborate with your team on a prospect or customer. No longer do you need to search for information and copy/paste it into an email message; with Viva Sales' tagging function, leads can be quickly generated from within Viva Sales using just their tag information.


Editing and opening customer/lead records has never been simpler! No need to open another app - with just a few clicks you'll be in no time at all.

Call Summaries & Integrated Data

Customers and salespeople often experience a lack of comprehension when an agent doesn't possess all relevant details regarding a customer interaction. A salesperson might not even be aware that there was ever an issue with the customer!

Data from different sources can be stored separately within company communication systems. For instance, phone calls might be kept in one place and customer chat sessions in another.

Viva Sales brings together all customer engagement data into one convenient view, enabling salespeople to view call summaries and take appropriate call actions.

Download and Customize

For salespeople who prefer an Excel view, Viva Sales provides an Excel view. Download customer and lead lists. Customize the application according to your organization's specific needs.

When will Viva Sales Launch?

Microsoft has stated that Viva Sales would launch in Q4 2022.

You can watch Microsoft's video demonstrating this application here.

Microsoft Viva Automation: Take Advantage

Microsoft designed the Viva suite of digital experience apps to boost productivity. These tools make it simpler for employees to locate information quickly, stay connected, and work more effectively.

Now is the ideal time to evaluate those already in production and prepare for Viva Sales.

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