Are You Searching for an Ultimate Business Browser?


Microsoft never ceases to amaze us with their revolutionary announcements and we often wonder if their employees ever take time off for sleep! But here's another exciting announcement they made that should leave no one unfulfilled: the introduction of Windows 8.

Edge for Business is a new browser specifically tailored for business use.

The updated browser boasts security and productivity features ideal for employers and their teams alike.

Edge for Business could become the go-to browser on work devices - whether managed or unmanaged - thanks to its ability to help companies maintain control over employees without invading their privacy.

Edge for Business's flexibility makes it the ideal solution for today's increasingly mobile work force, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) companies.

Edge for Business's most striking feature is that it automatically divides work and personal browsing into distinct browser windows with their own set of favorites, caches, and storage locations.

Some websites will automatically open in their appropriate browsers; Microsoft 365, for instance, will go straight to your work browser while shopping websites will typically launch in your personal one.

Now, you no longer need to worry about sending that funny meme you saw on social media by mistake!

Edge for Business is currently available for testing; though we understand your excitement to experience it first-hand, we advise waiting until its official launch later this fall to do so. Let others be the guinea pigs first!

Microsoft has yet to introduce custom branding capabilities for businesses, yet they promise this feature is on its way soon - the anticipation itself can be half of the fun?

Edge for Business was developed to bridge the divide between work and personal on a single device, keeping personal and professional data separate and safe. Thanks to this groundbreaking business browser, you'll experience enhanced productivity and security.

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