Align Your Team With Company Goals with Microsoft Viva Goals


It's common to hear the terms "digital transformation" or "collaboration," but what does that really entail for your everyday business operations?

Collaboration is impossible without shared goals. When departments are separate and disconnected, priorities may clash. Even if people are doing their best, they may not all be moving in the same direction.

Digital transformation is the application of technology to meet business objectives. This involves moving away from traditional methods of doing business and adopting more connected and automated tools.

Microsoft is leading the charge in digital transformation and collaboration. Their Viva platform delivers an enhanced employee experience through AI, automation and cloud connectivity.

This article will give you an introduction to Microsoft Viva. Afterward, we'll dive into Viva Goals, one of its latest products. We'll examine what it is and how it can assist with reaching your objectives.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva provides an array of employee experience apps. These connect to Microsoft 365 and, especially, Microsoft Teams as add-ons for your company's digital capabilities.

At present, Microsoft Viva app line offers seven apps:

  • Viva Topics offers organizations access to knowledge and experience through keywords. It enables companies to draw from their existing database of knowledge.

  • Viva Connections: Offers employees personalized, connected newsfeeds. This company newsfeed contains essential information, tools, and conversations.

  • Viva Learning brings employee training apps together into one seamless package, so employees can quickly pick up new skills within the MS Teams app.

  • VivaInsights: Promoting Employee Well-Being and Corporate Culture
    Data-driven insights are used to make productivity and well-being recommendations.

  • Viva Sales: Reduces data input from salespeople. Provides helpful recommendations for lead interaction.

  • Viva Connect: Fosters personal networks and communities. Facilitates knowledge sharing and engagement.

  • Viva goals: Facilitates clarity and alignment around corporate objectives.

The Viva product line goes beyond what businesses might typically classify as "software." It seamlessly links Microsoft Office with M365 applications, placing emphasis on the person rather than just the tool. Microsoft designed Viva applications specifically with AI in mind - making working easier and displaying relevant data points at your fingertips.

What are Viva Goals?

Viva Goals, one of Microsoft's latest apps, connects people so they can work together towards a common objective. No matter if someone works in customer support or accounting, employees align to achieve success.

Business leaders may use Viva Goals to set company objectives. These targets can be linked directly to specific targets for each department.


Imagine, for instance, your corporate goal is to deliver exceptional customer service. However, this goal is vague enough that teams don't know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve it.

Viva Goals allows organizations to assign targets for different teams. For instance, customer support could reduce ticket resolution time by 8 hours, enabling organizations to measure progress and bring their objectives closer to reality.

These are the top advantages of using Viva Goals.

Realize Your Goals Together

Viva Goals assists companies in setting and achieving their objectives. From individual to team success, there is a definition of success that drives all work outcomes. Companies' objectives drive employee motivation and performance while improving workplace conditions for all.

Instead of departments working towards disparate objectives, everyone is on the same page. Companies can more efficiently reach their targets when their teams work together cohesively.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Viva can integrate with other M365 apps, making data collection and analysis easier. These insights give leaders a clearer picture of progress towards their targets.

Employees remain motivated by their goals when they are tied directly to daily work targets. Instead of being something they hear at company events, goals become part of their everyday routine.


Integrate With Teams & M365

Teams ensures the company's objectives remain at the forefront. Reward employees for helping reach those milestones and meeting targets; this encourages everyone to keep striving towards excellence.

Progress toward your goals isn't tracked on a spreadsheet. Data about goal achievement is stored within the tools that organizations use daily, giving organizations more of a chance at achieving their targets if these milestones are visible and accessible.

How Can You Achieve Your Viva Goals

Viva Goals is available as an add-on for your M365 plan at $6.00 per user/month.

Viva applications are currently priced at $9.00/user/month.

Questions About Microsoft 365 and Viva Goals

Staying ahead requires digital transformation with tools such as Microsoft Viva. Cloud, AI and machine learning are replacing traditional ways of doing business; let us guide you through this journey! To find out more, give us a call or book a consultation to learn more!