7 Customer-Focusing Technologies to Give You an Edge


Customers want convenience. In today's digital world, customers expect technology to make life simpler for them. Therefore, when creating webforms and POS systems you must consider the customer experience in mind.

People often leave companies when they are dissatisfied with how they have been treated. Their experience may not have been related to your products and services; perhaps they had trouble navigating your website or asked a question that wasn't answered satisfactorily.

Customers expect companies to make it simple for them to do business with your business. Companies who deliver on this promise tend to be 60% more profitable than those who don't, according to research.

Technology is essential in converting website visitors into customers and keeping those customers satisfied enough to return again and again.

What should you prioritize in planning your business budget? Here are some suggestions to help you create a strategic plan.

Cloud Forms

Do you still send Microsoft Word forms to customers? Cloud-based forms make the experience even better, as customers don't need to save the form to their computer or remember to send it back - instead they simply follow a link online from any device.

Migrating your forms to the cloud makes it simpler. All data is automatically collected, and these systems can also collect forms and offer analytics.

If you use Microsoft 365, then you already have access to cloud-based form tools. Microsoft Forms are integrated into all your applications.

Digital Signatures

Experts anticipate that electronic signatures (eSignatures) will increase in usage by 69% by 2024, leading to more contracts being signed electronically. Unfortunately, it's easy for someone to scan a document back and sign the form electronically - however this practice could pose risks.

Ink can run out in printers. Scans that are rarely used can cause issues as well. These issues are just a sampling of what scanners can cause; any issue could mean that customers rethink signing documents they require.

Digital signatures make transactions simpler by enabling them to be completed online. Furthermore, it enables the signing of legally-binding documents with digital signatures.

Smart Chatbot

Many consumers have questions when making a purchasing decision. Without an efficient and fast way to find answers, they may turn elsewhere for assistance.

Chatbots have become increasingly intelligent in recent years. Programming them correctly allows them to answer most repetitive questions quickly and accurately, plus, their availability 24/7 for assistance in any circumstance is unparalleled.

Chatbots have gained popularity among many customers, with 68% reporting satisfaction with their use. Many say they appreciate getting quick answers from a chatbot more than sending emails - although this may not always be the case.

SMS Notifications

Another technology that can improve customer experience is SMS notifications. Due to an abundance of junk mail in today's world, people prefer receiving information via text when they need to know about shipments, purchases or other important matters - this way the message doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Consider implementing SMS notifications to notify customers about important information. Include both an opt-in/opt-out option so customers can choose which alerts they wish to receive, such as shipping updates, payment notifications, and sales data.

Business Mobile Application.

People have been transitioning away from websites to apps for some time now. Although the internet will always remain, apps are seeing a surge in popularity due to an increase in smartphone usage.

Smartphone searches have eclipsed web searches. When using a mobile device, people tend to prefer apps over websites; according to studies, 90% of smartphone users spend 90% of their time using applications and 10% using the internet browser.

Consider implementing a mobile application for your business. Customers will find doing business with you much simpler if there's an app available, plus push notifications can be used for marketing and service initiatives.

If your budget is tight, a "wrapper app" may be your ideal solution. These solutions take an existing website and turn it into an application.

FAQ Kiosk

A FAQ kiosk can make shopping at retail stores much smoother. Customers can quickly get their questions answered, while also being able to search for sales or coupons.

This digital tool can be immensely helpful for service businesses. It can provide answers to frequently asked questions and direct clients to the correct staff offices.

VoIP Phone System

Your phone system might be an internal part of IT, but it's also one of your most customer-facing technologies. How people perceive your business depends on how they experience you when they call.

VoIP phone systems enable staff to be mobile and assist customers even when they're away from their desks. You can also utilize them for voicemail-to-email, group ring and auto-attendant features - providing for improved customer interaction.

Take Control of Your Technology Roadmap

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