Your business could benefit from taking steps to reduce cloud waste with strategic measures that work efficiently


Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate. Offering cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility benefits to its users, cloud services also create waste.

Cloud waste occurs when resources and funds are lost by overspending on cloud services that are not fully utilized or optimized, accounting for approximately 32% of cloud expenditures that go unused, which may have serious budgetary ramifications.

This figure represents an opportunity. By optimizing cloud tool usage, it's possible to save almost a third in costs associated with cloud.

Are you wondering how you can save money and cut waste in your business? Consider these clever strategies.

Before Implementing Strategies to Lower...


Can Script Kids Harm Your Business?

Script kiddies may seem harmless at first, but their potential danger lies within. Cybercriminals who do not possess elite hacking capabilities still pose a significant threat to businesses.

What Is a "Script Kiddie?"

A script kiddie (sometimes referred to as a "skiddie") is someone with limited coding knowledge who rely on other people and resources for finding vulnerabilities in software and websites, using preexisting tools and scripts downloaded by others to launch attacks against your business with one simple press of a button using certain tools that hackers use against businesses like theirs.

People acting out of impulse may not fully grasp the consequences of their actions or simply wan...


Access Management is an integral component of cyber security


As technology develops, design software landscape is shifting. Microsoft is one of the leaders in business apps; their Microsoft 365 solution was originally made up of seven apps but now includes over 20.

Microsoft Designer is one of the latest additions, drawing designers and professionals alike with its quick-and-easy design tool. Perfect for graphic designers, marketers, small business owners or creating entertaining videos! You can even use Microsoft Designer to make fun videos!

Microsoft Designer can simplify your design process, offering many useful features that will speed up and streamline it. Give it a try now to see if its artificial intelligence (AI) features can enhance your skills...


What Are the Advantages of Enforcing Conditional Access?


Passwords have been a security risk for nearly as long as they have existed. 81% of security incidents are due to weak or stolen passwords, yet employees continue to disregard basic principles of cyber hygiene.

61% of workers use the same password across multiple platforms, and 43% have also shared their passwords with others. These factors combine to explain why compromised credentials are often the source of data breaches.

Many organizations have prioritized access and identity management due to the rise of cloud computing, where people must enter only a username or password for system access.

Cybercriminals can easily obtain employee logins and all data contained within an account by obtain...